Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wayang Kulit @National Craft Day 6 March 2011

We are back to National Craft Day for the second visit. This time, we came for the Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet), En's love. I drove a small car which allowed me to park right in front of the Craft Centre on top of the curb!  As for the previous visit, my small vehicle was able to squeeze in between cars within the vicinity of Craft Centre, at the corner. :)

This is the back scene view. The troop is from Kedah and this Tok Dalang delivered the show differently from the previous one that we watched who was from Kelantan.

An eye-catching coloured-shadow.

Check out the wayang kulit!

Tok Dalang in action.

This puppet costs RM20. En was holding it during the car ride home. The moment she saw light shone in, she made a shadow with it. While doing that, she uttered " waa soo beautiful. "

I wonder what made her admire shadows so much? That question made me think of what I admire. What is my passion? ehmmm..I long for the days of a true 'whaa' and 'wow'. !!

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