Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kapar Power Station 21 February 2011

The huge & high chimneys emitting smoke at the magnificient power station that runs on coal. We can only admire from outside. The person who suppposedly brought us in, was not on duty hmmmm.. According to the another staff, Kapar power station only opens to visitors during The Festival of Wings in September/October. We gonna have to make another trip here to catch the migratory birds.  

The farthest that we could see from our pick-up truck.

Cockle processing area adjacent to Kapar Power Station.

We saw fishermen came back with loads of cockles and the sound of the machine washing cockles could be heard nearby. It reminds me of Kuala Sepetang

This is the machine.Cockles are thrown in from one side. The machine spins while water gushes in, washing cockles. 
Thanks Norlin for the invite.

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