Saturday, April 30, 2011

DNA extraction from an onion, Pusat Sains Negara 21 April 2011

Thursday 10am
En joined the lab experiment at Pusat Sains Negara, which meant for 7 years old and above. Hui tagged along. The staff didn't seem to mind having younger children in the lab! Hence, Hui got to participate as well.

The preschooler Budding Scientist program that we attended last year, was too easy for the kids. Today lab experiment is much more interesting. :)

The night before the trip, I searched for DNA info (yeah I don't know what DNA is) and found this
DNA video for kids very helpful.

Both were so talkative in class and it became a nuisance to the older children who were listening intently.

The aparatus and material.

Fill the microtubes with onion.

Add a solution (the staff said it consists of water, salt and detergent).
Smash it with a tiny pestle.

Put inside the microcentrifudge and spun 13000rpm, for ten minutes.
Gosh! My first time seeing machine like this.

While waiting for the microcentrifudge complete its task, we were given two strip of felt-like material and straws of 4 different colours to construct a DNA model.

Hui said "It's like a ladder",

DNA model.

We got our microtubes back and the onion was smash to tiny bits.
Extract the liquid to another microtubes and add isopropanol.
Look at it under the light and see the strands of onion DNA.
At home, En posed a question "Mom, is the DNA of a pair of twin the same? "

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