Saturday, November 16, 2013

The heron (kokokan) bird-watching at Petulu Village, Ubud 22 May 2013

Coming from the direction of Ubud town, watch out for this signage or a paddy field on your left in Petulu village. 
From  Ubud town centre, head to east on Jl Raya Ubud till you reach the junction with a big statue. Turn left to Jl Raya Andong, go up the road. About 2km thereon, watch out for the sign on the left to Petulu Village.

We requested to be dropped off here from Eve Spa's free transportation service. On the way home, we booked Warong Enak 's free pick up service and had dinner at the warong.  

There is a hut with tables and chairs by the paddy field that give you a great view of the birds. 
Order a cup or coffee/tea or "Bintang" from the man who runs the hut. 

There is a fee to watch the heron at the village, 15,000 IDR per adult and no charge for kids.
The ticket counter is located at the end of the village. You will need to walk past the paddy field to see it at the end of the road, in front of the village temple.  

Why do birds fly in V formation?

Eve Spa, Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Bali 22 May 2013

The kids had a go on manicure and pedicure while waiting for their parents at Eve Spa.

Eve Spa provide free pick up within Ubud area. So, I arranged for a pick up from Jangkrik Homestay and dropped us off at Petulu Village when we are done. 

Jangkrik Homestay, 60 Jalan Hanoman, Ubud Bali 21 May 2013

We love Jangkrik Homestay so much so that we left this place with a heavy heart. It is a simple two storey homestay that consists of 6 basic rooms situated among the ownner (Made and Kadek) 's family and relatives. We stayed at the corner, one of the four rooms upstairs.

The wooden traditional Balinese room door with a traditional latch that created a twinkle in the kids' eye! 
The basic room comes with hot water shower, fan and wifi. 
It costs us 275,000 Rp (RM85) for a night that comes with free breakfast of coffee/tea, toast/pancake and a plate of fruit .

In the morning, Kadek would carry her baskets of canang sari and pray around the homestay.  She prepares 80 canang sari everyday. 

My little kid looked at each and every canang sari with amazement. 

She found another one there. 

There are different kind of food or items being prepared on a canang sari each day.

This is the upper floor of the homestay. There are two rooms on the right and another two on the left (around the corner).

This tiny portion of rice and grated coconut was part of the offering beside the canang sari.

This dried leaves are prepared for funeral, so said one of the resident when asked what it was for. Staying among the residents, we were able to witness some of their daily routines. 

Jangkrik Homestay driver for my future reference Dewa Ngurah 085 737 605 348

Gurdwara, PJ 14 May 2013

We were served tea and "kith" (in Punjabi) while waiting for Jaspal, the humble and pleasant curator.  

We need to take off our shoes and cover our head with a scarf  before entering the prayer hall.  

This is kirpan (sword), one of the five Ks that represent a Sikh. 

Chaur, is like a fan and  is used to waves over the Guru Granth Sahib (below) to show respect for the Gurus teaching. 

The Holy book called the Guru Granth Sahib. It is kept in the room at night and carry to the praying hall in the day. It is place on the raised platform, under a canopy and covered with cloth.

The Sikh symbol called the Ik Onkar means "one God"

Wire Netting Workshop by Mr Tsuji at National Textile Museum 12 May 2013

The workshop is only meant for 18 years old and above. My little kid felt she could do it too when I told her   the age limit. When she wanted to try, Mr Tsuji kindly gave her a piece to meddle with. 

By nature, children likes to do what the adults are doing, she proved this theory right again. Loving them and letting them be part of our life is one of best things I could do for them.   

Yesterday, during the long bus ride to the airport,  I had a out of this world chat with my 9 year old. One of the question I asked her was,  "In the whole world, what are the things that interest you the most?"

She gave her smile while staring into the space, saying "LIFE, mommy, life"  

Mummy, Secret of the Tombs, Art and Science Museum, Singapore 9 May 2013

Photos are not allowed inside the museum (even without flash).
Not a single bit of fear and off they went to see the 3000 year old mummy. As a matter fact,my older one has been waiting to see one for ages.

This exhibition ends in November 2013. 

Tulipmania, Flower Dome, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 8 May 2013

The tulips are so beautiful. 

My little one who loves flower very much told me "I am so happy mommy. Imagine running through the flower beds like this (open arms and run), and touching all those flowers. I am so happy I don't even feel tired walking so long. The flowers give me energy"  

Flochard Bla Bla Bla, French Art & Film Festival 3 May 2013

The kids among the students at Taylor Lakeside Campus.

A mime performance by Freddy Coudboul 

Ben's Vintage Toy Museum, Lebuh Aceh Penang 18 April 2013

An art piece at a door of a shop. 

Malik Ben Jr, Curator/Manager 017 696 6836
 Adult RM10. Child RM6.

Some of the things I used to play when I was a kid. 

Heard my little one shouted "A real Penny Farthing mom!" when she climbed up the stair to the second floor. 

Ben allowed my kid to play some of the toys there. It was a fun trip for her. 

Thai Buddhist Temple, Jalan Burma, Penang 18 April 2013

The offering table. 

Over here, is the place where the devotees receive holy water from the priest. 

It was quiet on a weekday and we saw an old lady praying with a packet of water and drank it after that. It was a great exploration day for little Hui. 

The Clan Jetties, Penang 17 April 2013

While En was in Bangkok, Hui and I went to Penang. Hui learnt to enjoy her days without her sister beside her. It was such a pleasant walk at the clan jetties. This is Chew Jetty.  

Walking towards the end of the jetty, we saw crab traps and a man slaughtering crabs.

Toilet near the clan temple. 

While walking out, we saw a male olive backed sun bird feeding its young in front of a shop. 

The baby bird was learning to fly. Here it was, fell down while trying to take its flight.
The owner of the shop would return it to the nest again. 

Piano Recital 28 April 2013

5 + years old Hui was so confident introducing herself on the stage. After the recital, she told me she forgot to add "Hope you will enjoy the music"

My older one cracked the audiences up, for the opening lines which was not the usual " I am so and so and age ". I was suprised when I heard her said " I am so glad to see you all.........."

It was really heart warming knowing them being comfortable in front a group of strangers. Yes, they are homeschool and no, they are not social misfit.