Thursday, July 19, 2012

Field trip to Domino Pizza 25 June 2012

Domino field trip starts very early at 830am, one of the earliest field trip we have to do. 

It was two years back when we first visited this same outlet. 
The difference is, today I chose to wait at the dining hall instead. 

I have no idea what to type here and so I asked the kids about the trip.

Here is the recollection of what they have said to me " Roll the dough. They didn't show us how to make the dough! Put tomato sauce and topping of pineapple and ham. I didn't get to make pizza as there are too many friends in front. Sprinkle cheese. Bake for 6 minutes. They also brush the crust with olive oil. "

 " We only make pizza and twisty bread. Use both hands to hold the end and twirl it "

To join Domino field trip, each child has to order a personal pizza. 

The Spirit of Budo, National Art Museum 26 June 2012


Spirit of Budo is an exhibition of Japan Martial Arts. It was quiet on a weekday morning at the National Museum.  There are lots of exhibits, like Kendo, Judo, Karate, just to name a few.
I have always been wanting to let the kids pick up a martial art and waiting patiently for their cue to start one. 

Bamboo bows.

This video left the kids in awe, seeing women sumo wrestlers and some other ladies' participation in all sort of martial art.

God knows how heavy this intricate costume is.

Camping at Ismah Beach Resort, Kg Pantai Kemunting, Melaka 23 June 2012

The sandy camp area within the compound of Ismah Beach Resort, next to the entrance . We have the whole huge place for ourself. Toilet/shower is located conveniently at the yellow colour building on the right side of the photo.

The beach is just across. The soothing sound of the waves pounding the shore provided us a wonderful lullaby

An upclose photo of the toilet/shower area. There is also a open shower outside if you dislike the unkempt shower area inside the building.

Attack !

With a fee of RM10 per person (adult/child), we can also take a dip in the pool.

Children can't get enough of the sand. 

Catching a glimpse of the sunset.

My kid simply enjoys nature.

At midnight, my growling tummy sent me to the reception for a packet of instant noodle and was told that these are the only things they sell. 

Homework can be anytime, any day, anywhere and at any setting. Here under a hastily set-up teepee.
I am so sure I do not want our life to be bound by the rigid schedule of the school. 

The sound of the coconut falling sent me running happily towards it. 

The kids admire their dad chopping the collected fruit and getting the sweet juice out of it. 

Dato Henry Barlow's Genting Tea Estate 17 June 2012

It is Father's Day today. Dear daughter requested to spend  one to one time with her father. With her interest in butterflies, we registered her and her father on an adventure to Genting Tea Estate.

The bumpy path to Genting Tea Estate is just off Genting Sempah. It was a real bumpy trail to and out-of the estate, until the car wheels need to go for a balancing tuning after the trip. Ours is a sedan car.

The not-so-obvious sign at the entrance of the Genting Tea Estate.

After we parked our car, Dato Henry (owner of the estate) Barlow greeted our group. Apparently, Dato  has been hosting MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) group at his estate, and today is the 38th time that he has open his estate for MNS visit.

Scenery over-looking from the lawn of his house.

The nicely manicured lawn in front of the house. We just loved the tall windows.

Photo taken from inside of the house towards the lawn. Very cosy living room. Dato was sitting at the ledge of the tall window and there he begin the introduction to Genting Tea Estate, the history of the estate, the colorful and interesting famous people that have owned and manage the place. To my surprise, Loke Yew and the then Resident General of Malaya, Frank Swettenham, had something to do with the road leading to the place, and Chu Kia Peng (of Jalan Kia Peng) was the owner of the estate at one point. Dato also touched on the architecture of the house, and went into explaining how the estate has become an aboretum, housing many species of dipterocarps  (about 160 according to my notes), star fruit trees, durian trees, tea among others. He also shared with us his knowledge of butterflies and his collection of butterflies as well. 

Taking a walk around the estate.

Dato Henry showing and explaining about the plant in one of our many stops along the way.

After a long walk, we went back to his house, and here we spotted a few of his many butterfly nets.

One of the box of butterflies exhibits, most of them unidentified. These are what he call "micros". Due to its size, obviously. He also said, he is waiting for one suitable enthusiast to pop up and he will pass these to him/her and continue the work from there.

Some butterflies and moth box exhibits that Dato painstakingly arranged on the table and let us view and inspect. Prior to that, he patiently explain each exhibits to us. A very large collection.

This outing is only for the members of Malaysian Nature Society.