Saturday, March 30, 2013

Camping at Cherating beach 24 January 2013

We stopped here for lunch.  I heard my older one asked the staff  "Mana tandas?" This is what I like being among the Malay community, my children get to immerse in the national language.

These will prevent the "orang minyak" from coming, so they said.

Below are some snippets of what they did during the 2 night camp out.

Picking up rubbish. (we picked up 5 soiled diapers! )

Hopping about.


Catching crabs.

Herding the cows

Burying poop.

Checked on bird feeder

Goats came to visit.

Feeling the sand barefooted.


Body boarding.

Sunning our solar bulbs

Experiencing the tail end of North East monsoon wind.

Chocolate Museum, Kota Damansara 16 January 2013

Demonstration on chocolate making. 

Visiting a chocolate museum is one of my children favourite places to go. This is the second chocolate museum we visited, Beryl was the first one. 
The museum here has more information and the tour is slightly longer. 

Read more here

Mint - Museum of Toys, Singapore 24 December 2012

My kid is curious about what I played when I was a kid and that's how we came to this museum. I have not seen or own many of the toys on display and that was because we hardly have any toys last time. 
She wish she could see what I wore and the things I have owned before. How I wish I have kept all my old things. 

Garden by the bay, Marina Bay Sands Singapore 23 December 2012

There is a pedestrian bridge that links Art and Science Museum to Garden by the Bay. It is a huge garden and entrance is free except for the plants exhibits inside the domes. 

The kids are not interested to read the information provided all over the garden. 

Spotted a pair of lovey dovey milipedes making out. 

The Art of Brick Exhibition by Nathan Sawaya, Singapore Art and Science Museum 23 December 2012

Here is En, going through the Lego mazes. 

All the Lego art sculpture pieces are really fantastic and each one comes with an inspiring message. 
The exhibition ends on 27 May 2013. 

This says, 
"Beware the wind of life that nibble away your sense of self. Stay strong "

Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands 15 December 2012

Driving up the curvy and narrow mountain path to MNS-Boh plantation chalets which is located among the serene tea plantation. 

My 8yo wasn't at all bothered by the damp muddy trail up to Gunung Irau. According to her dad, she insisted on reaching the peak. She didn't manage to reach the top at the given time. All hikers were supposed to turn around and head back at 2pm. 

It is very normal to see hikers stepped into a swampy area and when they tried to pull out their legs, their shoe will still be inside the mud. 
Every steps to be taken with caution. 

Kids hiked Bukit Saga 2 December 2012

At Bukit Saga Waterfall. 

It was a long and tiring hike without enough food. We underestimated the hiking time, thinking that we would  hiked down by lunch hour. This hike was longer than Bukit Tabur! We must carry our lunch in the next hike. 

Kid hiked Bukit Tabur 18 November 2012

My 8 yo at the peak of Bukit Tabur, savoring her breakfast.
 She commented "It is easy and I like the rocky part, the most"

Travel the World! 19 Janruary 2013

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency 23 November 2012

The visit to MMEA was a great discovery for me. The children had a great one hopping from one ship to another. I am thankful that the officers are very helpful and generously showing us around.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Workshop with Jumping JellyBeans 12 November 2012

The first workshop with JJB.   

We signed up a 12 sessions workshop with JJB which will begin in Jan 2013. It is a workshop where children is allowed to create the performance and facilitated by JJB. At the end of the workshop, there will be 3 performances. My children wanted to sing and dance, and story-tell and design costume and play music. This project is going to end in April 2013.

How do we make learning relevant to children? 4 November 2012

             This video resonates with me and motivates me to go on this road less traveled.

Camping at Saujana Janda Baik 10 November 2012

View from the hill, at the back of Meranti chalet. 

I simply fell in love with this place instantly. It is surrounded by hills, green pasture and river. Unfortunately, I could only rent but not buy as it is a Malay-reserved land.   
The are two chalets (Chemperoh and Meranti) only at Saujana Janda Baik. In the photos, you can see two roofs, left being Meranti and right, Chemperoh.  


Back view of chalet. The mini hut by the river is the bbq pit. 
We rented the Meranti. More info here

We are supposed to camp beside the chalet but we set the camp beds at the foyer of Meranti  and slept there. 

Fishing at the pond within the compound. They got some shrimps and small catfish and others.

National Hydrography Centre Port Klang 7 November 2012

The hydropgraphy ship. 

Another eye-opening trip for me. I have not known the existence of this place, though I have driven passed it like 3 times and I told my kids how ignorant I am!

We were given an opportunity to step on board and the officers were wonderfully helpful and warm.  

He explained and replied to our questions generously and patiently. 
Their hospitalities is beyond question!  
Special thanks to Mimi and Teri for bringing me there.

Plastic Factory Tour 3 November 2012

We were invited to visit a plastic factory and little did I know, it was a factory that I once knew when I was a kid. It has evolved into a huge one involving processes from mould making to plastic injection. It was truly an eye opener for me who has no idea what and how plastic parts making is all about. 
An antique plastic injection machine. 

They have a display room with all kinds of plastic products that they produced!

Resin comes in many types and quality as well. 

Line tour

After molten plastic is injected into the mould, the plastic cools and solidify. The plastic part is then ejected out.

Colour pigments for mixing into the pure resin. Video below is the process.


CNC machine for cutting a mould to shape. This mould will eventually form the plastic part by injecting molten plastic into it.

Day 3 at Grace Farm, Serendah Selangor 28 October 2012

The last day was good, lots more time to chill and relax. 

Upon request, we were brought to re visit the animals. 

My young kid asked to stay longer at the farm. On the contrary, I kind of miss city life . 

I manage to sneak into the dorm and read.   
As I stepped out, I saw my child running toward the guard house, shouting "Treasure hunt mom". There was a treasure hunt game that made the kids ran all over the farm. 

I went back to my dorm and read. Bliss. 

Day 2 at Grace Farm, Serendah Selangor 27 October 2012

Day 2 began early at 645am for shrimp harvesting. 
The normal routine of shrimp harvesting starts at 2am and ends at 7am. This is because as the sun rise, the shrimps will be wallowing in the mud at the bottom of the pond. 

A net and a food cover are needed.

Hold the net and wade along the pond.

Transfer the catch from net to the food over.

The fishes will be discarded so that they wont compete for food with the shrimps. 

Dear hubby went for few more rounds to catch shrimps.

Passing a shrimp to my younger kid who waited eagerly by the pond.

Using bamboo shooting and slingshot.

Jungle trekking through mosquito and ants infested rubber tree plantation.

Over here, we were told to wade through the muddy river.

Shortly after, we were told to turn back as the water level is too high for the children. 

Water snail red eggs pouch.

We crossed the bridge and came to a vegetable farm. 


Vegetable patch. 

Tired little feets. 

Rowing boats at fish pond.

We also got to ride on the barrel-type boats and banana trunk- raft.

This is the dining hall.
We were shown some species of bird, iguana, and animal below.