Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 2 at Grace Farm, Serendah Selangor 27 October 2012

Day 2 began early at 645am for shrimp harvesting. 
The normal routine of shrimp harvesting starts at 2am and ends at 7am. This is because as the sun rise, the shrimps will be wallowing in the mud at the bottom of the pond. 

A net and a food cover are needed.

Hold the net and wade along the pond.

Transfer the catch from net to the food over.

The fishes will be discarded so that they wont compete for food with the shrimps. 

Dear hubby went for few more rounds to catch shrimps.

Passing a shrimp to my younger kid who waited eagerly by the pond.

Using bamboo shooting and slingshot.

Jungle trekking through mosquito and ants infested rubber tree plantation.

Over here, we were told to wade through the muddy river.

Shortly after, we were told to turn back as the water level is too high for the children. 

Water snail red eggs pouch.

We crossed the bridge and came to a vegetable farm. 


Vegetable patch. 

Tired little feets. 

Rowing boats at fish pond.

We also got to ride on the barrel-type boats and banana trunk- raft.

This is the dining hall.
We were shown some species of bird, iguana, and animal below.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hey! The doggie is helping to harvest the shrimp!

Ng Shannon said...

Yes. And the doggie became the kids' friend. :)