Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 26 May 2011

It was a lazy afternoon, watching movie (before the school holiday and crowd!! ) with our complimentary cinema tickets. :)

Hearing them laughed their heart out was priceless.

Jam Busters @MPO 25 May 2011

This superb percussion performance got me to stamp my feet (and moved mentally!!). Marvellous. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Happy Hour is only RM9 per seat. A cheap affordable way to introduce my kids to all sort of music genre.
MPO Happy Hour Brass Quintet is our next one.  

Geography & Science group learning 24 May 2011

 Tuesday morning
Our first foray into Geography was by introducing Malaysia by showing it on the globe (at least we attempted to) and colouring on a printed flag of Malaysia. Hui did the two things she loves -puzzle (of a Malaysia map) and colouring.

Science experiment on water surface tension.

Find the hidden colour inside the ink

I found it fun, having an outdoor classroom and sitting down on the floor. Children did it freely without any restrictions.  
Discussion of the school play without adult interruption.

At home, En told me "I have a problem. H and I wants a different way of school play."
I replied "You need to discuss with her, combine both of your ideas and come out with a joint play. Some ideas of yours might be taken out or changed. If you can't come into a conclusion, maybe you can think of a separate school play with two different directors. Take turn to direct the play.  Just like Wayang is directed by Sabera Shaik only.
En gaily said  "Thanks!, Mom"
My intention of forming/joining this group learning is for the kids to experience working with others, expose them to the concept of teamwork and responsibility. En experienced her first taste of teamwork. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fool our senses 23 May 2011

Three bowls of water. Right bowl with icy cold water. Middle one with room temperature water. Left bowl with hot but not scalding water.
Put one hand on the icy cold water and the other hand on the hot water. After a minute, put both hands in the middle bowl. Feel the temperature.

Work Bench @home 22 May 2011

We created a corner in the kitchen area, with tabletop for the kids to do their experiment or whatever they desire. En is spotted at this corner tinkering her stuff on most days since we put up the work bench. 

"Sun evaporated water. Turn the work light on and it will dry up the water drop", that's what I heard while washing up dishes next to her.   

Le Dindon de Georges Feydeau 21 May 2011

It is a 3 hours long theatre performance with a short intermission. I was thankful Hui did not make much noise.

the group of wonderful casts of Le Dindon.

The performance is in French with English subtitles on the screen. 

The admission is free and so, I took the opportunity to expose EnHui to French Art.
'Oui' and "Merci" the only two french words En heard and understood from the show. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Citrawarna 20 May 2011

After watching Wayang @DBKL, we drove out and came across Citrawarna rehearsal in front of us. I parked my car by the road side. Excitedly, En and I ran to the street and watched the colourful rehearsal.  

Wayang, directed by Sabera Shaik 20 May 2011

The first lines on the screen.
When it's starting mom? Why good evening and not good night? and many more questions, En asked. 

The ending part, showcased actors and actresses of  "Wayang"

The ending screen, "Go Home" made En laughed.
En and I enjoyed the shadow performance immensely. A very creative and educational rendition of Malaysian History. Superb.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ninjai, the baby bird 19 May 2011

We were delighted to meet Ninjai, the tiny baby bird that aunty sm babysat for her friend. The poor bird fell into the drain after a heavy storm. Thankfully, her friend saw Ninjai and take tender care of it.
During the feeding time, Aunty sm was so daring to cut the wiggly worm into smaller pieces and fed them to the baby bird gaping mouth.

Playdate @Home 18 May 2011

En Hui helped cleaning up the home after their friends left. I was pooped at the end of the day but felt so great as they had such a great time. The best was,  En thanked me.  "Mom, I had a great day. Thank you".

Shadow dancing 17 May 2011

Directed by En. Sung by Hui.

They May Be Giants 16 May 2011

Yesterday night, I introduced 'They may be giants', which sings science related songs. Without any expectation, I simply showed the video above. After that, they watched another topic "Roy G Biv".

They don't seem to show any interest and asked for "Nobody but you" by Wonder Girls instead. Hui exclaimed " You don't sing I SING" , and happily dancing away.

The very next morning, Hui woke up and asked "Why does the sun shine?" And she wanted to watch the video again. Then she watched it again and again.

It was great. Facts set to music make learning easy and fun. And right brain reponds to it. ! :)
Here Comes Science

Monday, May 16, 2011

Laser Pegs Lighted Construction Kits Tractor 15 May 2011

Check out Laser Pegs  (thanks so much Sc and J)
Such amazing toy. It got EnHui spent time on it, fidgeting, figuring and admiring the lights.

Dino Alive at Pusat Sains Negara 14 June 2011

En wants to visit Dino Alive exhibition with her dad and we finally found a day to drop by.

She asked to be photographed beside the skeleton's shadow! Shadow is one of the thing she admires.

This is a better experiment compare to the one we did at home, "Levitating Ping Pong Ball."

Mirror maze.

 Both of them who always fascinated with skeletons and how it works. They enjoyed this one.

Science Experiments at home 13 May 2011

Hui wanted to do experiment one after another. I have to plead for a break and she said "five minutes". Below are the two of the few experiments we did.

water skater.
Float matchstick on the surface of water. Drop detergent on one side of the matchstick. Instantly it will zip across the surface.

"when the flame is dim, remove the bottle and the flame will grow again, "so they said

Blue boy Mansion by Raphael Fournier 13 May 2011

Photography exhibition in conjuction with French Art and Film Festival.

Tony's parents comes from Indonesia. Tony's suffering from mental disorders and spend lots of time playing outside his home in the mansion's alley.

From this exhibition, we came to know the lives of the foreigners who live at Blue Boy Mansion.

Puppet Theatre 12 May 2011

Idea from Childhood101.
En finally has a new theatre to play with. The old ones has collapsed and was sent to recycling centre.

I got a treat to enhui's puppet show instantly.

BM learning through play 10 May 2011

Our second learning playgroup.
We had a short play session in BM. Some children was seen staring and waiting eagerly as aunty F unfolded each picture which came with a BM verb. When it was time to use a vehicle to roll over the picture that was called for, some children who were playing around came and had a turn.

Hui didn't bother about it and was watching it from afar.
Hui came forward when she saw scissors as cutting paper is one of her favourite activity. She loves cutting and can spend a long time cutting all sorts of things.

It's wonderful, children learn through play at their own pace and in their own way, which is the best way of all.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tour Guide for the day 8 May 2011

We played host and brought WL and TW to KLCC and China Town a.k.a Petaling Street. Both of them came from China and speak good mandarin. En Hui didn't seem to mind and were comfortable and showed great hospitality to them, through gestures and smiles.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones by Jeff Achtem 10 May 2011

We went for the first show at 8pm. It's such  a hillariously funny performance. Creative use of material. Never thought that light and "puppet" can bring so much laughter to me. The best part is hearing En & Hui laughed.

I love what Bunk has said in the show " Enjoy the rain, enjoy the sun. No matter how busy, how busy you are. Always find time to play"

I also like the way he prepared his puppet on the stage where the children can behold his creativity. He has so much passion in his shadow. I wish En and Hui will find their passion just like him.

Puppet Workshop with Jeff Achtem aka Mr Bunk 5 May 2011

Thursday 3pm
I was so excited knowing Jeff Achtem aka Mr Bunk was holding a free workshop for children aged 7 and above. My first thought was En is going to like this one. She admire and is fascinated by shadow. Mr Bunk's shadow puppetry is different from the usual 'Wayang Kulit' we watched. Mr Bunk performed in front of the screen whereas Tok Dalang is behind it.

Hui wasn't supposed to be part of it but I brought her along. When the children was called to the stage, Hui walked right up there without much hesitation. En on the other hand, prefer to watch from afar.

Part of the preview. He is really really funny. We 're thrown into a fit of laughter.

Hui at 4 years old, listened intently.

Mr Bunk didn't distribute material to Hui, probably knowing she is way under age to be there.
Little Hui walked right to him and got herself the material!! :)

Put your wrist at the edge of the paper and draw an outline of your palm.

Draw the face, nose - and make it real big.

The children was told to wait for Mr Bunk to check on the drawing before cutting it out. Hui said "He doesn't want to see my drawing". I said " He has so many children to attend to." Without giving up, she walked up to him. Mr Bunk commented "Too small, draw bigger "

Cutting out the puppet.

Hui asked help from Mr Bunk to put a strap on her.

En & Hui.

Hui told me to cover the light and see what happen.

She was pretty headstrong and went up to the stage uninvited, watch Mr. Bunk giving shadow making tips to 2 older children, which was selected prior

Hui had fun with the puppet on stage.
She loves watching En's shadow making and was inspired by her . En will make shadows whenever she has a chance to.

Puppet show by En Hui and the audience.
This time around, they performed in front of the stage, just like Bunk.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Make Fossil with clay and Testing for Carbon @ Pusat Sains Negara 5 May 2011

Thursday 12pm
Thanks to yl, we got another trip of science experiment at PSN.

We started with making fossil activity.
Press the cockle on plasticine.

Remove the cockle.

Mix clay with a bit of water and add food colouring.
Apply the paste on the cockle-shaped plasticine. Let it dry.  While waiting for the paste to dry, we did a testing for carbon in some specimen. 

5 specimen - cockle, egg shells, coral, stone and charcoal. 

Add 10ml of vinegar. See the reaction.
Coral formed lots of gas bubbles.

Eggs shells, coral and cockle contain calcium carbonate, which reacts with vinegar to form carbon dioxide.

Direct the gas to Bromothymol blue (chemical in blue). If the gas emitted is carbon dioxide, Bromothymol blue will turn yellow.

En Hui blew into Bromothymol blue with a straw and the chemical turned to yellow. 

The beautiful fossil. Not ours. :)