Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Putrajaya 24 February 2012

Hui rested on the inflater fan while watching how a balloon basket and burner were set up.

Checking on the propane burner.

A fan is used to blow cold air into the envelope.

The cold air slightly inflated the balloon.

The balloon getting its shapes. :)

Interior view.

Love the knots on the basket.

Burner flame heated up the cold air inside.

Hot air rises.

We jumped onto the balloon.

Off we go.

Captured from within the basket.

The propane gas tank.

Fire and Rescue exhibition at Karnival Wow, Putrajaya 24 February 2012

There were few types of fire fighter and rescuer's vehicles on display.

An old model fire engine.

Equipments mounted on the pick up.

Fireman showing us the actual air bag that used for lifting weight.

This is how the inflated airbag looks like.

Beater, used to hit and extinguish small fire.

How heavy is the hose jets?


Ahoy matey! on the inflatable rescue boat.

Ding dong bell.

Smoke alarm.

This reminds me of buying a fire extinguisher, to be placed at home.

Leaf or Bark Rubbing at FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia),Kepong 21 February 2012

Being outdoor, close to nature is the best classroom of all. 

20 children from age 4 to 10.
With the internet, so many good and free resources available. 

Bark and leaf rubbing.

Some kids sat on the mat, some on the ground, etc

Building a dam.

Cold dip on a Tuesday morning. 

Art Class with Fathullah Luqman Yusuff at National Art Gallery 22 February 2012

Our art class with Cikgu Fathul. 
Painting outdoor under the gazebo.

Cikgu got ready the paints.

Children got to choose and pour whatever colour they wish to.

Paint anything and any pieces you like to.

Show Cikgu the painting.

Bonding time. 

Tenmoku Pottery Factory Visit and Workshop18 February 2012

Short video on how pottery is made.

Simple easy to do clay modelling of cup.
Roll it on your palm. 

Push your thumb in to make a concave.

Leave your cup at Temoku for firing. Collect it two weeks later.

Tour the factory. No photography is allowed at some portion of the tour.

Bufori Motor Car Company 20 February 2012

Julie-Ann, sales & marketing executive gave a talk on Bufori. 

Walked into the factory.

Julie-Ann explained the process of making a Bufori. 

Customize the color you like for your Bufori. :)

Mold of the arm rest.

The upholstery is being hand-stitched. 

A Bufori is made from carbon material that has Kevlar. 
This car mould is used to make remote control car.

Showed how the power window works.

A Bufori has 32 of these electronic connections.

Removing the roof of a convertible for the kids to sit in.

We found Julie-Ann to be the most gracious host and guide to our children. She ended the trip by telling the children to go after their dream and never to give up, even when no one believe in you.