Friday, February 17, 2012

Camping at RS campsite, Gopeng Perak 14 January 2012

RS camp site is located next to Earth Camp.

It is within the home compound of the very pleasant and humble Malay family.

Such a huge compound they have.
Call Shahril 012 554 9830
Campsite without tent - RM10 per adult. RM5 per child.

Raking the leaves.

There are few huts made by atok.

Pathway to the river.

Kampar river

Common bathing area.


Campsite from toilet area's view.

Goats welcoming us.

Hui tying up the flysheet.

At such youg age, Umaila, Umaiza and Zulkifli played hosts to the children with warmth and kindness.  

Umaila invited the children to her home, to check on the newborn kittens.
When Umaila said "Jom", En asked what that means.

En's leaves necklace to Umaila.


A big bag of mangosteen and rambutan given to us by the host family.

I used a long bamboo stick to harvest the papaya while dad caught it from below.
Kids yelped with excitement.

Hui and Tisha cooked for us.

Night concert, with ground sheet as curtain for the stage.

I woke up by the splattering of raindrops on the tent. Such nice weather to doze off again.
The extra flysheet shield made cooking possible under the rain.

Bundle of ropes for setting up extra shield etc.

Auto inflatable pillow. Love it to bits.
Less than RM20. 
Check Evergreen.

On the way home, we saw a group of children plucking mangosteen.

They passed us some.

Chempedak in season too.

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