Friday, December 31, 2010

Come to my art gallery 2 December 2010

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En set up her art gallery at home. We were given tickets to get in. Signs of 'Do not touch' were pasted near the paintings!

Eggling 29 December 2010

Eggling Info Thank you, Aunty J for the eggling. I am so thankful of having friends who constantly shared lovely things with us.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

HIlton PJ Christmas Train 24 December 2010

It's our third visit. Each December, Hilton Hotel will have a running train model on display at the lobby.

Hui chased after it for about 5 minutes...  

Ping Lian Yeak, Savant Artist 23 December 2010

By looking at this painting, it brought vivid memory of the bustling HuaiHai Road of Shanghai! Bravo !

Hui likes "Kampung Picturesque" whereas En prefer the Khoo Kongsi. She added "Look at the carving"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cupcake Deco with Sugarpaste 20 December 2010

Organised by Lava Molten for free.

 Teachers were assigned to each table and show step by step, on how to mould the sugar paste into snowman, reindeer and Christmas gift.

Hui made her own design of snowman. As expected, the teacher didn't agree with it and crushed her work. As a result, she followed closely to the sample shown but added a smiley green lip to the reindeer, telling the teacher, the reindeer has a mouth. By the third cupcake, she did her own way and made a coloured ball.  :p The teacher sighed and let her be.

Float or sink. 21 December 2010

Tuesday afternoon.  While sipping the lemonade, Hui asked " Why does the lemon float in the water and sink to the bottom when there is no more water? " Believe it or not, a simple question like this, made me anxious. I wasn't good in any school subjects at all (blearrgghh) and I routinely fell behind. 

It reminded me of this common question "How do you teach your children at home? " that people asked. I dread answering it. I do not teach. I help them learn. I can actually learn some things, I can tell them what I know, and I can help my child learn even when I don't fully understand it myself. It is not a breeze, but it's not impossible.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fit For Two 21 December 2010

Tuesday afternoon.
I love this place. They offer a healthier range of food for me and enhui. The ambience is homely and trendy. Thank you, aunty R for introducing us to Fitfor2.  It's located at 3rd floor of Bangsar Village II.
Lovely, isn't it? The dining and small play area. It's another wonderful place to unwind for hectic mom.

Kids' lunch, macaroni and spahetti with tomato sauce @RM9. Fresh fruit juice @RM5.

Babysitter, EnHui and I 20 December 2010

Monday am.
We babysat S again ! EnHui shouted  'YAY' excitedly! And me, YES! I missed her a great deal and it was so so great to have her in my arms again.  By noon, I was all pooped and thought how could I ever made it to the next half of the day. :) Thanks to En, who helped entertained and took care of little S. And salute to my mom, who has more than 3 children !!!

Tallest Lego Christmas Tree in Asia 21 December 2010

7 meter tall Christmas tree using 850,000 pieces of Lego is being displayed at Bangsar Village II New Wing till January 2nd, 2010. 

Manuka Honey 20 December 2010

EnHui's honey, a cup daily. It's recommended to use wooden/plastic spoon to scoop the honey as metal will somehow neutralize the anti-bacterial property of the honey.

Christmas Gift Exchange Party 19 December 2010

A gift exchange party - in return I got a new T-shirt ( I need it badly!), En's a pair goggles (the old one is at near-torn state), Hui received a swimming cap and she said 'I don't wear swimming cap, it's too HOT'.... En swept the most creative-present prize, where she made a hat where you could put things on top. LOL.
Tiramisu and Peach Gateaux from "Just heavenly", is really a piece of heaven. I can't wait to try the rest of their cakes.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anne Musikschule 's concert 18 December 2010

Saturday afternoon.
From rehearsal..
to concert and followed by Winter Solstice dinner, En was pooped and knocked out the moment she went to bed. She only had two rehearsals with the children from the movement class. The competence of the children didn't bother her at all. En was seen happily dancing, following their steps with no worries.

Toilet roll stamping 17 December 2010

Friday night.
A creative idea from sensei Saki Sasamori 's book.

I had fun, stamping and rolling away. My masterpiece. :)

One of En's and Hui's.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cake Deco by 'Play n Learn' 17 December 2010

Friday afternoon.
 Squeeze colourful icing all you want and the best thing is, I don't need to clean crazy after that. Ho ho ho. 
The teacher from 'Play N Learn' attempted to get the children to follow her but the kids just had a go and did their own way. LOL

Hui said 'My messy icing' & teacher commented, 'ai yo SO sweet !'

My messy cake, Hui announced.

En's deco. She said ' We can't give Hui's messy cake but I wish to eat mine', when I told them to give one to the neighbour. Hui offered hers to the aunty s.h. I wonder what was the reaction of aunty s.h when she opened the box. ! *grin*