Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puzzle Craze - Sequel 27 October 2010

Wednesday am
She assembled the 48 pieces set without help, which she started 2 days ago.

Another two new sets she assembled on her own.
She joyfully showed me her work. What amazed me was, she recalled the exact location when she picks up the jigsaw pieces and know the description as well. Right - example, she said 'this is the father bear's ear and it's here. (the tiny ear on the right side of the jigsaw piece).
Young children displays amazing photo-memory ability, a right brain memory that allows us to remember things in a flash.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Eye' Porridge 27 October 2010

Wednesday dinner -  Porridge with ingredients that nourishes the eyes,  a.k.a eye porridge. Once a week. Ingredients - wolfberry, pumpkin, gingko nut, brown rice, sea salt, wakame seaweed. Sprinkle - black sesame powder, wheat germ, lecithin, sesame oil and spring onion

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cool pool! 27 October 2010

The kids seems to have lots more fun with more people today :) Ayman swam in the adult pool while Max climbed up the tunnel slide! What a great achievement. En and Abby were enjoying the swing meant for 12-18monthls old (photo above, right). Unfortunately, the enjoyment were short-lived when we told them to get up! :D Millions thanks to aunty S Ming again, for organising the trip.  

Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre and Factory, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur 26 October 2010

Tuesday 2pm
A great place to drop by. Admission is free. 9am-5pm daily. Visitor centre is divided into a museum that displays pewtersmithing tools, 100 years old antique and ancient tin currency, a gallery showcase current products and Royal Selangor live production factory.  There is a guide accompanying you throughout the trip which takes less than an hour. We are not allowed to walk in without a guide. :( So, you can't take your own sweet time browsing around.

Hui is looking at tons of pewter shavings, which will be melted and recyle. Right- money tree mould.

En @Chamber of Chimes, where you will go thru a sound experiential exhibits, hear sound created by wood, bamboo, rolled pewter & cast pewter. Right- Hui's first taste of 100plus, a welcome drink served in a pewter mug, given at the entrance of the factory. For the first time, En drank the whole mug of 100plus happily. :)

Left - You can have a bird's eye view of the whole factory.

The factory visits consits of four workstations, watching the artisans cast polish, file, hammer and mould pewter.
Left- a cast pouring high temperature liquid form-pewter into a crocodile mould. The liquid is hardened within 7 seconds. :) Then, she will hammer the Royal Selangor logo at the back of it, bend the crocodile legs and ta-da, it's ready.

Left- Enhui got to hands on, hammering a mug. She was staring at the pair of steady hands of the hammering cast. Right- polishing tree coins by hands.

En wasn't interested in the School of Hard Knocks, where you could create a simple pewter bowl with your name on it within 30minutes, chargeable at RM50.

Direction from Batu Caves. Head to MRR2. Go straight. Spot the Wangsa Maju exit sign on the left. Take the second exit after the sign.( Another cue is, there is a Petronas petrol station on both left and right side of the road). Turn Right. Go straight till you see Royal Selangor on the left side, after a Shell Station which is located on the left. Map  

Thursday, October 28, 2010

En drew me 26 October 2010

Me, En and Hui.

Staying above the lower vibrational feeling 24 October 2010

It's has been a challenging Sunday. Hui was cranky the moment she woke up. I guessed she was probably lack of sleep, following me on a late Saturday night. Nevertheless, I won't be able to know the real reason behind. However, that is not an issue. I had worse days, getting up on the wrong side of the bed. The issue is, having receiving the low vibrational feeling of Hui and keep reminding myself to stay above this negative vibration is a challenge. How I deal with them is important and will help them throughout their lives. I know, but it ain't easy.

KL Bird Park 23 October 2010

Saturday 930am
It was a splendid morning at bird park. Birds everywhere and a great company. Magnificent trip indeed. 
Left- I can't take my eyes away from these birds, modest and yet dazzling. Right- remember to carry enough 50cent coins to feed fish/bird food vending machines that are all over the place.

At the 'World of Parrots'. These birds were starving and barged at you the moment you hold the food. :) Right - En uttered "come on, come on - offering her hand as a perch". With no food, the birds kept still.

En's wish to have a chick at home. She was the happiest girl there!

Left- Feeing ostrich. Right- Little Hui followed her sister's footstep and wanna showed she could hold a chick too. What caught her attention most was the birds photo-taking area. You pay a fee and get your photo taken with all sort of birds, perching at your shoulder, arms and thigh.
In the car, Hui drew this picture. She told me "It's dad taking picture with the birds"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You are travelling a lot ! 25 October 2010

I get a lot of questions for my frequent travelling trips, like:
-Unschooling means provide lots of outing?
-Does unschooling means travelling a lot?
-You have been travelling more than the sum of a few people's travelling schedule!
-Look at all the places you have been! I am tired. How do you cope?

Homeschooling is a way of life. I cannot tell you how to homeschool. Because your life and mine would be unique. There is no hard and fast rules. You just have to do it to know it. And your child will surely show you the direction she wants to take if you care to listen with an open heart.

Yes, I have been travelling more since the beginning of this year. That is because learning outdoor befits the three of us. Hui grew into a toddler who has needs that are immediate and she has a way of spoiling even the best-laid plan. A temporary 'field trip curriculum' fits us all. It is serving us well for now, since it catered restless curious Hui while introducing En to lots of new and interesting things.  

It also gives me a break from a messy home like these,

Left - Oh messy. Right- En's stone soup on top of Hui's puzzle. Yes, the idea must be from the Caldecott Honor book Stone Soup
Left- books lining the short hallway. Right- hui prepared juices.

Puzzle Craze 26 October 2010

Hui is crazy for puzzles for almost 3 week now. She could sit down quietly for a good 15-45 minutes, solving it all by herself.  Yesterday morning, she attempted a new set, 48 pieces of smaller size. I was asked to help out. This morning, she tryout the same piece on her own. No, I didn't set the ball rolling. The puzzles existed since En was one. Hui picked one up and been working on it thereafter.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green bean with sweet potato 22 October 2010

It looked unappealing, thanks to the molasses brown sugar. I don't feel like eating it. Thankfully, Enhui finished it up with no complaint. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extra ! Extra ! 15 October 2010

An article published on Sin Chew Jit Poh  regarding My Amazing Child Contest.  En is the first child from the left.

Bijou, Mont Kiara Damai 22 October 2010

Friday pm
After browsing some write up on Bijou, I wanna have a look.
Left- the playground is clean but small. Right- This perfect outdoor table, next to the playground, for a cuppa.

2 of the 4 kids menu's choices. Penne RM17. Chicken RM18. Yes, it's pricey. 

Despite the size of the play area, kids spent the time there while I finished up the lunch. :) Brilliant.

Megakidz, Mid Valley 20 October 2010

Weekday fees RM22. Pretty pricey but it's worth the money when Enhui came with Hani, Arina, Aneesa, Ayman, Ayra and John. A whole lotsa fun with a group of kiddos. The terrific part was, mommy got a short break 'now and then'. YAY! I mentioned 'now and then' as the toddlers-aged kids would still call upon mommy. My mind came prepared with an uninterrupted getaway and was a bit upset when Hui called on me. Thankfully, I could instantly reset my mind to " interruption- allowed break" and things fell into place after that. 
 *Beware ! Parking at Mid Valley could be 'pain in the neck'. Avoid at all cost if there are events going on. Garden parking would be the best bet.