Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Test for Starch, Acid & Alkaline and Water absorption 20 September 2011

The titles today.

1.Testing for starch.
Substance for testing - sugar, wheat flour, salt, corn flour, biscuit and baking powder.

Scoop each subtance into microwell. Add some water.

Few drops of Iodine.
Starch present when iodine turn to blue black.

2.Test for acid/alkaline.
Substance for testing -vinegar, detergent, toothpaste, sugar, lime juice, salt, shampoo and baking powder.

Squeeze in liquid substance. Dip litmus paper.
Red litmus paper turn blue - alkaline
Blue litmus paper turn red - acid.

Water absorption test.

Look at how the folder paper absorbed water and opened like flower blossom.
The red paper overlapped, hence didn't open up.

Hui 's worksheet. Did she draw the micro well?

Another drawing.

Camping @ Hutan Rekreasi Sg Tekala, Hulu Langat 2 September 2011

The journey to Sg Tekala, filled with motorists and children joyfully cycling. 

The entrance to the campsite. It is all fenced up. At a glance, it was safe. In the middle of the night, a group of Mat Rempit raced to the street in front and scared the wits out of me. They ended their party after about an hour or so.

The toilets and showers look impressive from the outside. It's not very well kept and there isn't any light.

Setting up tent. 
RM5 per campsite. No tents for rental. Bring your own tent.

Pitching the tent.

The shallow Sg Tekala near the campsite.

Photo of campsite taken from the riverside.

We are the only campers on that night.

Trying to start fire the old-fashioned way.

Barbeque pumpkin.

Hui, helped in preparing dinner.

Our campfire.

At night, it was pitchdark. There is not a single light at all, except from our fire and torchlight.

Air Terjun Sg Tekala, Hutan Lipur Sg Tekala 2 September 2011

Adult RM2. Children RM1.

The water is not as clean compare to Hutan Lipur Sg Congkak

Steps pathway to hike up.

Waterfall at the first peak.

Cooling clean water to soak in at the first peak of the waterfall. 

Bamboo Rafting @ Temenggor Lake, Gerik. Perak 30 August 2011

This is the highlight for En, bamboo rafting. She has been asking to make and try on bamboo rafting. The staff said 'Bamboo rafting moves better with a bamboo pole'. As there are no bamboo pole available, we used the kayak oar.

En and dad stood on the raft, just like the orang asli. :)

The front of a bamboo rafting model. 

The backview.

Bamboo rafting parked by the side.
It can be rented at Belum Rainforest Resort @RM50 per person (for a min two persons) for two hours.

Sg Ruok Waterfall, Royal Belum Rainforest, Gerik Perak 30 August 2011

The moment we stepped in the forest, the guide pointed to us some fresh tiger paw prints on the ground. This sent chill up to my spine. 

Bamboo used for making lemang.

It was a short 15minutes easy trek to the waterfall.

Hui noted me on the insect which was on the funghi.

En crossing the river via the stepping stones.

Here she was in deep thought by the waterfall.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Explore Wet Salt Lick at Jenut Papan, Royal Belum Rainforest 30 August 2011

This area is a campsite. You can choose to stay overnight here, hike to salt lick area in the dawn and hide inside a waiting hut, to observe the animals which lurk around to lick the mineral early in the morning. Unkempt toilets and shower are available.
The moment we stepped out of the boat, I heard footsteps coming from the adjacent forest. It is probably the animal moving away upon hearing us approaching, the guide said.

No hunting signage.

We saw so many types of funghi but never know much about it.

The cupped-shape top part collected water.

The guide explaining what Salt lick is.

Running stream next to it.

The waiting hut to observe the animals.

A colony of ants carrying food. 

Rafflesia Cantleyi at Temenggor Rainforest, Pulau Banding 30 August 2011

The entrance to the Rafflesia trek. 

The boatman securing the boat to the fallen tree trunk.

It was a steep climb at the beginning.

Muddy terrain, after a downpour. It's filled with blood-thirsty leeches. We could easily get few on the feet. En kept one as a pet!

Can you spot it?

Rafflesia Cantleyi on the tree trunk.

Dead one.

the very early stage of Rafflesia.