Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perak Man at Archaeology Museum Lenggong, Perak 29 August 2011

The entrance is free. 

The exhibitions of traditional musical instruments is located next to the museum. 


Orang Asli's wind instrument.

A photo showing the posture of the Perak man when he was buried.

The Perak Man was buried along with foods of all sorts.

The remains of the Perak Man.

Dont' forget to recce the small Geology park behind the museum.


Unknown said...

Author i am currently running a research on Lengong Valley’s Personality, can you kindly fill in the questionnaire for me, and the same time allow the readers or whoever had visited the heritage site to fill in as well. Thanks for your kind help. Will be appreciate if you can suggest to friends who had visited the Lenggong Valley as well.

Ng Shannon said...

Sure Brian. You are welcome

Unknown said...

Thank you so much:)