Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Explore Wet Salt Lick at Jenut Papan, Royal Belum Rainforest 30 August 2011

This area is a campsite. You can choose to stay overnight here, hike to salt lick area in the dawn and hide inside a waiting hut, to observe the animals which lurk around to lick the mineral early in the morning. Unkempt toilets and shower are available.
The moment we stepped out of the boat, I heard footsteps coming from the adjacent forest. It is probably the animal moving away upon hearing us approaching, the guide said.

No hunting signage.

We saw so many types of funghi but never know much about it.

The cupped-shape top part collected water.

The guide explaining what Salt lick is.

Running stream next to it.

The waiting hut to observe the animals.

A colony of ants carrying food. 

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