Monday, June 29, 2015

Kids in charge, 2nd meeting at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson 25 October 2013

The kids took turn to interview staffs of various department of the hotel and learnt what their jobs scope are, what are their likes and dislikes etc. Thereafter, they created an idea for a children workshop for a department of their choice.  

The huge pool provides endless fun for the children. They can even get free ice cream from the pool bar. At Thistle Hotel, my children spent more time at the pool than the beach. 

1st meeting here.

Hui's writings 22 October 2013

Loving Sibling Relationship October 2013

I was told that, at our ballet centre, there is a corner where hand-me-down shoes are stored for any students to take. En searched through the bags and got herself a pair of character shoes. She is thankful for that. 

Hui wasn't aware that her sister has gotten a pair of shoe. When En was in the class, she asked for a pair of hand-me-down shoes from the reception. She told me she has asked the staff at the reception because she didn't know where to get it. The kind staff helped her get a pair. 
She measured her own feet and left a big allowance in the show so that En can fit in the shoes.  

This the pair of character shoe.

I often admire the affection given for each other, between the two of them. 
Homeschooling has given them lots of time together and creates a strong bond, another thing I am very thankful for. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiking to Sg Pisang Waterfall, Karak, Pahang 24 August 2013

This is where we parked our vehicles, in front of Jungle Lodge Alang Sedayu . No one collect any parking fees from us. From here, it took about an hour to arrive Sungai Pisang Waterfall. 

Right before the blue barrier (photo on the right), climbed down the slope on the left.

Follow the path and you will come to the tunnels. This is the part that we liked the most, kicking the cooling water as we walked through the dim tunnel, reaching the forest at the end of it. From the tunnel, it is about 40 minutes easy hike to the waterfall.

One of the many fungi we saw.

I hang out here at the first fall, while En hiked to the higher one, by climbing up the slope across the waterfall.  

This is the slope to the higher fall and there is a clearing where you can camp. 

Bamboo Village, Kampung Sg. Hulu Langat, Selangor 12 October 2013

The owner, En Ramadhan greeted us at the entrance of Bamboo Village. The kids and I instantly felt at ease with the quiet and green surrounding. 

"Eagle Nest", our choice of accommodation is located furthest from the entrance at the far right corner.  It is only RM 120 per night for the 4 of us. 

"Eagle Nest"
En checking the toilet and cold shower bathroom. The stair led to the tiny bedroom. 

Thin mattresses and blanket on the floor. There is a fan as well. 
I like the simplicity and kids have no complaint as well. 

Our front view from the bedroom. 

En climbed out from the window and onto the plank. There she sat, under the roof, in deep thoughts.

At 6 pm, the flock of hens and rooster will roost in the trees above. From our window, we saw how one by one, the chickens flown up to the horizontal stick that is tied between the two trees. From the stick, they flown up to the trees above. 

 I was awoke by the sound of En running down from our bedroom early morning in darkness. I wasn't sure why she was awoke that early. She came back later, excitedly exclaimed that she witnessed all the chickens flown down from the tree.  

Some hens slept on top of the plants. 

I saw a tiny yellow snake slithered on the roof in the day and thereafter found a molted skin!  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cultural Appreciation Co Op Show and Tell (Malaysia) 7 October 2013

 En(in whiteT ), doing what she does best,  that is to work with her hands and teach. 
She loves weaving and I see her weaves everywhere, whenever she sees leaves great for weaving. 

En excitedly joined a "Cultural Appreciation Co Op Show and Tell" initiated by a homeschool mom, one of the many moms I admire.  She has always wanted to do a "Show and Tell"  with friends and this opportunity came at the right time.  

After the first meet up, they went home with some work to complete for the next presentation. En paired up with a friend on a weaving topic.

I told her to do research, just as what her team mate has said,  even though I know she is not into long research and reading dry facts. No, not just yet.  

A couple of days later, she said to me  this"Show and Tell" is not something she wanted to do and wish to pull out. 

I know it may be the dreaded research she has to do. I should have just let her ease into it than to tell her she has to do it. 
So I said to her, we will need to do the first topic as promised and will stop thereafter. Thankfully, she agreed without any hesitation.  

And I added (with the hope to fix my mistake), " Follow your heart and do what you enjoys doing". And leave her be. 

I watched her busy with her usual knick-knack and then she said she only needs to cut banana leaves for the "Show and Tell". On that day, she showed the simple weaving part that she always does and gave an impromptu short sentences. No long dry facts. After it all ended, she said she likes to continue and do more "Show and Tell". 


I admire her calm "Show and Tell" and the very best part is, she enjoyed the session.     

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kids In Charge, 1st Meeting at Thistle Hotel Port Dickson 21 September 2013

Thistle Hotel Port Dickson was in its quest to become the best family hotel in the region, has selected 10 children from age 7 to 12 years to tap their minds on areas for improvement in their hotel. Prior to En being selected, she was interested to participate and therefore applied and got called for an interview. She was the only home-schooler among the other 9 school going children that were selected.

The children needs to attend 4 meetings. At the last meeting, they need to come out with an idea and present it to the management and media.

I remember how eager she was, to go to work and contribute and joyfully looking forward to each meeting. While she was at the meeting, Thistle Hotel PD generously provided us a 3 days 2 nights stay at the hotel, full board.

Parents were allowed to observed the first 15 minutes of the first meeting.

En has no feeling anxious, nervous or whatsoever. She was calm and excited. She enjoyed it so much and miss the meeting when it was over.

Basic Level 1 figure skating test 5 October 2013

Lifting up one leg and be able to hold it for at least 6 seconds and skate in a straight line is one of the five parts of level 1. 
Little one went through all the five parts easily.  

En 's right leg is weaker than her left leg, coach commented all the time. And coach added that it is not advisable for her to take the test.   
I thought En would crashed but she took it with stride and practiced really hard.  It was a pretty hectic month in September for her and she collapsed exhausted in bed the night after practice.. When the test came, she said "she is ready for the test". And true enough, her "one foot glide" on right foot went well on the test.