Monday, June 29, 2015

Loving Sibling Relationship October 2013

I was told that, at our ballet centre, there is a corner where hand-me-down shoes are stored for any students to take. En searched through the bags and got herself a pair of character shoes. She is thankful for that. 

Hui wasn't aware that her sister has gotten a pair of shoe. When En was in the class, she asked for a pair of hand-me-down shoes from the reception. She told me she has asked the staff at the reception because she didn't know where to get it. The kind staff helped her get a pair. 
She measured her own feet and left a big allowance in the show so that En can fit in the shoes.  

This the pair of character shoe.

I often admire the affection given for each other, between the two of them. 
Homeschooling has given them lots of time together and creates a strong bond, another thing I am very thankful for. 

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Your children are exceptional. They are loving, considerate and kind to everyone. These is a general misconception that homeschooled children are not well socialised. But your girls are great, and very inclusive and friendly to other children even if they have only just met. We think the world of your girls.