Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decomposition of fruit and vegetable. 13 November 2011

Observation on how fruits(guava and pineapple) and lettuce decompose. Larva fed on whatever substance they were hatched in.

Gardening at home 27 November 2011

The four angle bean seeds that we planted has grown.
We saw the vines are long but there is neither fence nor grill to creep on. So, we poke some sticks on the soil, around the plant.

When we return 2 weeks later, we were so amazed with how the vines have twirled around the stick. :)

Planted another pineapple.

Planter box is the kid's garden.

En on her bike.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Camping at Kampung Cherating, Pahang 3 December 2011

Beach at Lorong Nur Siti Hasmah, Kampung Cherating.

Crab holes at low tide.

We have the beach all by ourselves.

The waves during the monsoon season was just nice for bodyboarding.

Our camp site at the far end.

Horses strode passed from nearby equestrian club.

Our kite.

Awww.. I wish I was being unschooled.
Living = Learning.
What about you?

Relaxing under the shelter in the cool and rainy pitch-dark night.

Boiling hot water for coffee under the flysheet, shielded from rain.

Woke up by the sound of strong waves.

En woke up early and having her bread.

Our only light at the campsite.

Hui bonded with Dharma.

Breakfast kampung eggs.

Tuna & onions.

Sid' s makeshift toilet with cat litter.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sg Lepoh Waterfall, Ulu Langat 26 November 2011

At Jalan Hulu Langat, take the turn to Asli Adventure or Kg Kuala Pansoon.
You will be able to see parking spaces along the road. Some parking spots are chargeable.
From parking area, walk straight up and pass the entrance to Asli Adventure on your left. Continue walking straight till the end and cross the river to your right. 

Briefing with MNS.
We came across different terrains on our trek to Sg. Lepoh waterfall. 

Walking towards the river crossing.

River crossing in front.

The path after river crossing.

Emergency numbers.

Frog spawn.

Part of the slope has caved in.

Passed rubber estates.

Durian farm.

Wild berry?

Orang Asli hut.

Trail is marked with this ribbon.
At fork road with no marked trail, go straight.

Walked past a disused water pipe.



Rocky path.

 Roots covering a path of a steep slope.

Do you know the name of this flower?

Leeches infested path.

Ginger flower.

Join us for a short walk?

I love this one.

"Look at this! ", said En.

Go under the fallen trunk.


It rained on the way back.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homemade Toys 25 November 2011

Stilts made out of discarded bed frame found in a refuse room.

En's painted kite.

Bamboo found from the forest in one of our camping trip.


Kitchen stove, with all sort of boxes.

Found a corner where En made a squatting toilet with two styrofoams!