Thursday, December 15, 2011

Camping at Kampung Cherating, Pahang 3 December 2011

Beach at Lorong Nur Siti Hasmah, Kampung Cherating.

Crab holes at low tide.

We have the beach all by ourselves.

The waves during the monsoon season was just nice for bodyboarding.

Our camp site at the far end.

Horses strode passed from nearby equestrian club.

Our kite.

Awww.. I wish I was being unschooled.
Living = Learning.
What about you?

Relaxing under the shelter in the cool and rainy pitch-dark night.

Boiling hot water for coffee under the flysheet, shielded from rain.

Woke up by the sound of strong waves.

En woke up early and having her bread.

Our only light at the campsite.

Hui bonded with Dharma.

Breakfast kampung eggs.

Tuna & onions.

Sid' s makeshift toilet with cat litter.


Anonymous said...

Is it safe to having a campsite there? Any disturbances? Should i get any permission first? Is it nice place?

Ng Shannon said...

Hello. We spoke to the resident who live nearby the area we camped and he said it is safe over there. You will pass by his house when you drive in from the main road. So far, no disturbances. I am not sure about permission but no, we didn't get any beforehand. Yes, we like that place.

Didie said...

Hi there. Is there water and toilet facility at the area? May I know the exact location (direction from the main road) of this camp site?

Ng Shannon said...

Hi Didie.

No water and no toilet facility here. The road name is on the blog.