Friday, February 26, 2010

Leaf stamping 29 December 2009

Tuesday morning.
We went to the apt. park for a morning stroll and gathered leaves of different shapes to do leaf stamping.
Hui is more interested in coloring the leaves than to do the stamping whereas En painted rainbow! She loves to draw, paint or colour rainbow. She made rainbow with playdough and noodle too!

Do Laundry 25 February 2010

Thursday morning.
Hui came running to me "I help. I help" when I was carrying the full laundry basket.

When they stuffed the clothes in, I took a knife to cut a water apple and persimmon. Hui said "I cut" she sliced the water apple!

Children is interested in what adults do in the real world.

After fruits, Hui pretended to be a little kitten. So En leaned the wooden plank on the wall, as a scratching post for the little kitten. After they got bored scratching with their hands, they used the alphabet magnets to do the job!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caterpillar 27 December 2010

We caught a caterpillar and kept it in the specimen container. En picked some fresh green leaves and dropped them inside. The next day, we saw how the caterpillar has munched and left holes on the leaves. We exchanged the old leaves with the fresh ones. Dad transfered the caterpillar to a bigger plastic container and got me to poke a few holes on it for ventilation. The next morning, we found that the caterpillar has escaped through the holes! Dad commented "the holes were big!"

Caterpillar's dropping

Shell Collector Kit 24 February 2010

Wednesday night.
En picked the Shell Collector Kit book from the shelf. We went through the shells that we have collected & some provided by the kit and tried to find their names in the book. When En showed interest, I read some info regarding the shell. Hui dropped her books and joined in. En drew the shells on the collector kit album provided & Hui doodle on the paper and said "see, I draw shell". They were doing this for about an hour quietly and I told them it's time for bed. Hui said "I continue tomorrow morning, leave it here".

Shells (Collector Kits) (Collector Kits)

Mc Donald. I'm lovin' it! 24 February 2010

Tuesday night. 23 February
There is another great family restaurant, Mc D @BSD with a clean cool playground. (Thanks, Farah/Jasmine of HS Kepong) I diverted to this sheltered playground instead of, DPC Park when it rained yesterday. It has FOC WIFI and balloons.

Wednesday morning.
In the morning, it provides FOC newspaper that goes well with my cup of coffee. EnHui had pancakes. After breakfast, they horse around playground while I chill out with my coffee :) peacefully.

I can see them through the transparent glass and they were the only one at the playground. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is doing nothing okay? 23 February 2010

I basically do nothing with EnHui today, except for sending her to piano class. I feel lethargic, lots of clutter on my mind and don't feel like doing anything.:) I did notice En did nothing couple of times, staring blankly and smilling. After a moment, she was back to busy.

Is doing nothing okay? Read more,

Invisible Ink 22 February 2010

Monday night.
En used paintbrush to write a message in lemon juice on the paper. While waiting for the paper to dry, she made a cup of honey lemon with the remainder lemon. :) Read the paper under a lamp, lemon juice ink turn brown and message will appear. This activity came from a book "How to be a spy in 7 days or less", How to Be a Spy in 7 Days or Less RM8, which she is currently crazy about. She even slept with that book!

                                               En eating a slice of lemon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

En's random thoughts in 2009.

En: "Adult doesn't like children. Chidlren likes adult. Adult likes adult"
Mom: What about me? Do I love you and Hui ? You and 'mei mei' are children.
En:  Ok. except mommy.

23 March 2009
En: "Children is for playing & helping adults do houseworks. Adult is for doing houseworks "
( I feel so guilty! must play more with her)

July 2009
En: How do I leave home?
I thought she meant, going out.
En: leave this place, earth, away to the sky.

2 July 2009
En: "I have lots of words in my brain. I put it in a box, up high in the shelf. There is a long long ladder that she can climb to reach the words. It's a library in there. With shelf". She is referring to her brain.

7 July 2009
En: Can you image an elephant holding an orange?'
Mom: with its trunk?
En: With hand
Mom: Elephant doesn't has hands.
En: Sitting down, two legs on the ground. two legs holding lots of oranges.
Mom: How about the trunks?
En: The trunks is down. I am watching Tv here (pointed to her head). I can see the elephant on my Tv. I have a room in my brain. I can do anything here.

Mom: I need to pee, high tide.
En: What is high tide?
Mom: I need to pee urgently.
En: I learnt new word. It's in my library already.

En @5years 5 months old.
Photos taken while En was eating sushi, by Moments Photography

Does a 32 months old, Hui knows what she wants? 21 February 2010

Sunday night.
Hui has outgrown her current shoe and didn't like all the old shoes of her current size (no pink!). Finally, she wears a white & pink, old sport shoe of a LARGER size.

So, we decided to get her a new pair of shoe. Hui strolled along the rows of shoes and fell for a pair of white shoe with pink ribbon.

 Dad said "It's white base and gets dirty easily". He offered her a similar one with pink base. Hui didn't want. She pointed to the white one. She is so sure that this is the pair she wants. And I talked to her about it. She said "I won't cry if it gets dirty". I explained again 'it's not wise since it gets dark so easily and need washing frequently". She was silent for a while. Then, she took the size 24, pink one that dad offered, put it on and agreed to buy this pair.

Dad saw this size fit with no extra allowance and it'll be outgrown pretty soon. So, he asked for a size 25. Suprisingly, Hui refused to take out her size 24 and exchange with a size 25. ! We were confused as it's the same pair of different size.  We told her "it's the same". She protested and insisted she will take the size 24 she is wearing. Again, I explain to her that it's not value for money and we need to buy a size slightly bigger. Finally, she agreed reluctantly and tried the size 25 pair. When she put on one side, she whined, "don't want", took if off and wanted the size 24 pair.
I took the two pair and lo and behold!, size 25 pair has a bit of different from size 24. The different is not prominent at all and Hui was able to tell from the start! Dad and I agreed that we shouldn't be forcing her to wear something she doesn't like.
So, dad asked Hui to choose between the white pair (the first pair that Hui fell for) and the size 25 pink one.
Hui happily took back the white one. After that, we realised we shouldn't offer the white pair as it's gets dirty easily. Shamefully, I tried to convince Hui to take size 25 pink pair and she shook her head. Voila! She is decisive! and certainly knows what she wants.

We finally didn't get any and went to another shop.
This time, she fell for the pair that we agreed!

RM29.90 Bubble Gummers, Bata shop.

En who watched all the commotion, kept silence. When she returned home, she ran to get some cardboards, colours and scissors. She measured the size of Hui's foot and wanted to make a pair of shoes for her!!

En's self-made cardboard slip on.
She said "Model name - lollipop. Designer - Ng Zhang En. It doesn't has to be the same for both sides"

Monday, February 22, 2010

En is happy 22 February 2010

Monday morning.
I asked En, "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes" (made a happy face)
Mom: Why are you happy?
En: It's warm and nice here (I was hugging her and she made another happy face)

Early last year, I asked En, "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes"
Mom: Why are you happy?
En: Because I am beautiful.
Mom: Why are you beautiful?
En: Because I love myself.

18 August 2009
I asked En "Are you happy?"
En replied, "Yes"
Mom: Why?
En: Because I like everything, everything

It's so awesome. I feel great as I know, she leads a HAPPY life.

En @5years 7months old.
Photo taken by Moments Photography

Hui is happy 21 February 2010

Sunday night.
Mom asked Hui, "Are you happy?"
Hui replied, "Yes"
Mom : Why are you happy?
Hui : I am good. I am happy.

Hui @ 2years & 8months old.

En @home 21 February 2010

Sunday afternoon.
En fried egg for snack. She is hungry all the time!

En's self made growth chart, with Ikea measurement tape on the left and drawing on the right.

Tmn Tasik Menjalara 20 February 2010

Saturday 8am
Hui and I baked cupcakes for picnic-breakfast with aunty wk & family @ Taman Tasik Menjalara.
Fed tortoises at the lake.

Left -En played with her self-made chinese yoyo(a pair of chopstick, a ribbon & 2 empty toilet rolls) Right -EnHui & Teng.
     Lunch @our home.

Witches making spell!
En sent aunty wk, uncle K & Teng Tong to lift when they left. She came back happily and changed the mood calender to "thoughtful".

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom's time-out 19 February 2010

Friday afternoon.
I am not a very patient mom and I am learning to be one. I have grown to be more and more patient and "letting loose" throughout these years. "Thank you, EnHui."
"Parental love is natural but it's necessity to learn how to love. Only growing parents, will have growing children"
                                                               Enhui cleaned up the mess.

This afternoon, I lost my patience which I should not. EnHui messed up with the beads and I raised my voice. :( I realised I have become an unloving mother. So I put the two of them on a foamy bathtub, took time out and walked to the kitchen. I made a cup of coffee. The fragrance of the coffee made me awake. I listened to my fav tunes on my mobile. I became relax and have a clearer mind. Positive thoughts flew in.

I saw my hubby gently fished out 62 fry! and 20 fishes and painstakingly cleaned the aquarium. :)

               Top View

             Side View
When I saw EnHui in the bathroom, I know I have become a loving mother again.

"Become conscious of our parenting style and take time-out"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DPC park & Uncle Hwa's open house 19 February 2010

Friday morning.
Early in the morning, Hui & mom baked banana oatmeal muffin for breakfast. Hui was happily stirring the batter while mom snapped a photo & "splat"! the batter bowl dropped onto the floor! Yes, I was a bit agitated as I was in a hurry( a flimsy excuse! shame on me). Hui said "I am sorry!". I felt so bad and guilty! It was my fault. So I smiled and said "It's okay, I am sorry too".  And I know that's what she needed, a child who make a mistake need an adult to say "it is okay with a kind smile". "Hui, Thank you for loving me despite of my imperfection"

We packed our muffin & vitagen, headed to DPC park, our usual hang out place since it opened.

EnHui love the swing and wanted to be swung higher and higher. In fact, they love everything! The grass, flowers, feeding the fishes, tortoises and birds, tiny stream, hanging on the bridge, got excited over the aeroplane flying above, kites and many more.

En got near to a crow. She crawled slowly towards it, whispered gently to the bird and offered her muffin.

En stuffed her hand into an empty fish pellet bag to substitute as a glove. She put a small bit of muffin on the glove to entice the crow to fly over.


EnHui mashed potatoes for lunch while dad cooked sauteed mushroom. Hui helped to wash dishes (water-play time!)

Before going to uncle Hwa's open house, EnHui played xylophone and sang silly songs, messed up with Ikea beads (my nightmare!), built sandcastle and drew with chalk.

Our sandpit (box!) :D  & I wrote some chinese with chalk on cement floor (copied from angpow!) Hui repeatedly point to the words and asked what it means while En eavesdropped when I explained. :) 

Off we went to uncle Hwa & aunty Ching's home. This generous kind soul has been organising open house to ALL school friends annually, with yummy DINNER provided, cooked by "chef Hwa". I enjoyed the dark soya sauce rice with pork bits, long beans and dried scallop the most. Hui who got a box of 'pop pop' from aunty Ching, handed it to Dwayne and said "I cannot". She observed others played and before I knew it, she was throwing it! :) Aunty Ching offered another type of firework, the soft "stick" type, that sputtered when light up. En lined a few sticks, vertically and horizontally, which created a checkered pattern - to create fire. Other children joined in. They threw in other tinders, making fire ecstatically. They found out what material made bigger fire!  Hui wasn't ready to try the sputter type firework ..  observed again. :) A caring aunty Kian took her hand and lit up one for her. Hui wanted more. She came to me, "help me". So, I held her hand and we lit up another one. Again, she came to me, "help me". And I did the same thing. Another round, Hui was comfortable enough to light up on her own, but need my hand for more confidence. So, she lit up with one hand and held my hand with another..and she did the same thing again and again.
Unfortunately, there were not enough of sticks to try till she reaches the most comfortable level of letting my hand off. :)