Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tired. Exhausted. Low Bat. 27 April 2010

Tueday night.
Take time for yourself-- so you can re charge your energies.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Author is back. 26 April2010

Monday night.
En 's ambition was an author before she changed it to be an animal trainer after she came back from singapore last month. She wants to be an author because she loves to write. Tonight, the author in her has returned!
Each time a book is created, Hui's name will be included.

Tadpoles growth 27 April 2010

Tuesday night. Tadpoles Part 1
En signalled me how the tadpoles swim and stop, swim and stop.

Caterpillar, the tea party guest 27 April 2010

Tuesday night
This morning, Enhui set up a tea party play. I saw a caterpillar which was invited to the party sat comfortably in a box-seat, dressed up with a bandanna. The seat was made higher with a yoghurt tub & a pencil case. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Girl Fashion Accessory 25 April 2010

Sunday night.
Left - Brand of Emilio Valentino

Flower basket and rose petals.
Flowery head band and veil.
Left- Dress of 'Flower Girl brand' has lots of variety and much cheaper.
Right- wrist corsage.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flower Girls 25 April 2010

Sunday pm.
Both girls were beaming with joy and excited being flower girls for the first time! There was no rehearsal and I briefed them once at the restaurant. A day before the 'big' day, I showed them flower girls wedding march on youtube. They both looked stunning and did a great job marching in.

Left- Dressing up flower girls. Right- Me telling Hui how to march in.
Left- Flower girls waiting behind close door with bride/groom.
Right- Hui marched in, follow by En.

Rose petal trail created by flower girls. :)

Boxes again! 24 April 2010

Saturday afternoon.
Dad brought home some boxes requested by En. She designed a home and got dad to cut accordingly.
Left- Entrance - En creeped in. Right- Passed thru the living room.
Where is she? Not in the kitchen!

There! In the bedroom cum study room. (photo taken by holding camera thru the tiny window)
Side view of the house.

She is creeping out.
Top view of the house.
En commented the house is too small, so it belongs to Hui.

Kepong Botanic Garden 24 April 2010

Saturday 930am
We had a wondrous nature walk @Taman Botani Kepong (entrance fee of RM1 per person) .We caught sight of a spider creeping along its lines of web by the pond, caught a glimpse of a brahminy kite eagle gliding and swooping down the pond to catch a fish, saw at a kingfisher, caught sight of a camouflaged hairy caterpillar that left a mark on dad's arm, caught fishes but didn't see any shrimps (uncle so chau, where did you catch the shrimps?). En wore swimming attire to splash in a stream. :) Unfortunately, there are only ponds around there. :(

Walking in. Made a left turn after the entrance.

Left- Beautiful white flowers on a tree.
This is where dad caught the fishes. 

 Tiny toadstools.
Left - our fishes. Some died on the way home :(

En caught some water plants for our tadpoles @home.

En found tadpoles 23 April 2010

Friday evening.
While stepping along the stones on the brook @dpc park, En saw tadpoles, many of them! I caught 3 with a bread plastic bag. A while later, we met aunty June whom I borrowed a container to scoop for more. :)

Mom, please ride your bicycle 23 April 2010

Friday 9am
When the sun is blazing, EnHui cycle at the corridor [ It's me who dislike going out when it's hot :( ]. They cycle from our end to the other end, check on the two rabbits(at one unit) and back to our end - to and fro.
They will switch from bicycle to scooter, then to zoomie, tricycle, and skateboard. Sometimes, they wash their bike with a spray bottle of water ! One of the spray bottle has broken and so, Hui uses the water gun to wash her bike. Each time, they will request me to ride on my bike, with En at the back seat & Hui at the front child seat. Imagine how heavy it is!  If I feel like riding, I'll say OK. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grow Parsley Grow! 22 April 2010

 Friday morning
After 11 days, tiny leaves popped out! A sight that excites EnHui bouncing up and down. How I wish I could easily laugh and bounce like them.  :) Related Link.

Hurricane in a bottle 22 April 2010

Thursday night.
Give the bottle a swirl and see a spinning whirlpool effect, known as the eye of the hurricane.
En said 'I am simulating tsunami".

Shield and Weapon 22 April 2010

Thursday 830am.
Early in the morning, En locked herself in the room. That's what she does when she wants privacy to do stuff, ever since Hui could turn the door knob. She came out with a satisfied look, proudly showed me what she had done. She explained the detail of the craft. Shortly, her expression change to bitter and she shyly mentioned "Fai didn't allow me to use his weapon. He told me I could see once and if I want to use, make my own weapon. So I made my own. He said use only grey color or black. But I still added pink because I like it."

Left- Front side of shield. Right- Front side of weapon.

Left- Back side of weapon. Right- Back side of shield.
When she showed me the craft, on hindsight, I am glad I stopped what I was doing in the kitchen, looked at her and took time to listen. Everything that she said is important to her. At that moment, I acknowledged her feelings and as a result, I think she got over her disappointment.

What if I simply give a short reply instead and said "yeah. good job" and turn away. How would she feel? What will she become? I have no idea. But I am sure glad that I stop to listen. What luck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Me & En 21 April 2010

Wednesday night.
Tonight, Hui slept much earlier. I finally got to allocate "En&Me" time for her. En suggested we do some craft. So, a 'spy-headquarter' door sign it is, from How to Be a Spy in 7 Days or Less! She is still so attach to this book and even asked to meet with a real spy! When we have done painting, she grabbed the crayon box, papers and moved on to drawing/colouring. I just followed her lead and joined in. Tonight, I felt a deep sense of joy, enjoying every moment with her. I realised I have not been able to spend time alone with her for quite some time. I saw how patient she is, waiting for my time and how impatient I could be, when I waited for her.
Left- En painted the sign. Right- a painted frame, cut-out from a cereal box.

Left- the page of the door sign craft. Right- My crayon work.

 Left- En's crayon work "eggs".

Before bedtime, she checked on the pressed-leaves that she created on 8th April 2010.

the ready pressed-leaves.

On 8 April, En collected and pressed some ixora leaves. We did a pressed ixora flowers before and she loves the outcome, all flat and nice. We pasted it on card to make a bookmark. Now, she came out with the idea of pressed-leaves.

Step 1 - En laid the leaves on a piece of tissue.

Step 2 - Put another piece of tissue on top of the leaves.

Step 3- Slide it in between the pages of thick books. Check after 14days.

Before En went to bed, she said "I love you, mommy" and asked for a hug. :) What a great night it was. It's so so important to allocate 'private' time for each child!