Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweatheart/Sweetie 27 June 2010

Sunday bedtime.
En to Hui : Goodnight, sweetheart.
Hui:  Goodnight, sweetie.

En: Sleep now and mommy will wake us up to go Cherating.

(En named Hui sweetheart and she is En's pet elephant)

Hui to mommy : Tomorrow we are going to see "tortoise lay eggs" . :) 
Me: Yes, turtles lay eggs.

Toy Story 3 27 June 2010

Sunday 1225pm

Thanks to aunt ling for the movie vouchers.

Hui was teary and terrified ! She wanna get out of the cinema.
En enjoyed the movie.

I got "permission " to sneak in and out of the movie. I love the ending the most, where Andy gives Woody to Bonnie, and together they play with his toys one last time before he leaves for college.

Lots of exquisite bonsai exhibitions at Tropicana Mall, PJ.

Our new wine chiller box 26 June 2010

Saturday pm.

Check out the new tall box !

Pet World Malaysia 25 June2010

Friday 10am
We were at Pet World right when they opened. I thought, at this early hour, exhibitors might be setting up stalls and there was nothing much to see. True enough, some were in the midst of setting up and preparing.. and En Hui were keen in watching them working. RM5 for adult and RM2 for child. We left around 12pm.

Some of the puppies and Persian cats.

Left- two pathetic black swans in a congested tub.
Right- Hui saw the worker hang the fish one after another and didn't want to move away.

Left- Ayam Serama.  Right- Pet Grooming Competition.

Yahoo Messenger 24 June 2010

Thursday night.
While En was replying an email,  her dad "beep" her on yahoo messenger from work.  She told him to wait as she was replying an email to her aunt.

When she finished, she quickly switched to yahoo messenger instant message with her dad.
She typed " I am back". But there was no reply.

She waited and eventually sent a sad &  crying emoticon.

A moment later, she called him on the phone. "I am back and why you didnt reply! "

When the convesation has ended, she ran back to her screen and happily chatting away with dad and LOL.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun @swimming pool 24 June 2010

Thursday morning.
It has been a long time since I last captured photos of them at the pool.

En wanted a boat for her 6th birthday. Now she said 'I need two oars !'
Hui progressed to the adult pool at ease. Kicking and twirling with her float.

Take photo? Don't want ! 24 June 2010

En to Hui ( walking to the lift ) : May I take a photo of you? (En was holding a camera)
Hui: NO.
En: I want to take photo !!
Hui: NOoooooo.
En: Pleaseeee.
En: sob sob. pleasseee

Me: En wants to take photo of Hui. Hui doesn't want to be photographed. ehm.. what shall we do?

En: (silent) ... I know, I won't take it now.. (asking Hui) May I take it later, near the car?
Hui: Yes.

Me: * phew*
Hui happily posed for En on the ground floor. :)

En, the image consultant cum fashion designer. Poor penguin ! LOL

Makeshift wash basin 23 June 2010

Wednesday am.
When I visited the master bathroom in the morning, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I asked ' ehm.. what is this? '. En said 'we are going to brush teeth here, with you'.

She has shifted the toothbrushes, hand towel and mirror from the common bathroom.

While I was brushing my teeth, Hui came in and brushed her teeth. She got a cup & toothpaste from under the bamboo basket (below the mirror). Then, she fetched water from the blue basin that was filled with water. She gave me a cheeky look and brushed her teeth.

Holy cow, the water was spit into the same basin.

Petaling Jaya Community Library 22 June 2010

Tuesday pm.
Finally, we found another library to replace the Tmn Tun library that we have been going for a year as there are not many choices available at the latter.  Thanks to aunty Yu Ling. :) New registration RM31. Renewal RM15 per year. 4 books 2 CD/DVD for 3 weeks - 6 weeks.

Lot 389 Jalan Selangor Seksyen 3 46050 Petaling Jaya. 03-77812775

Playcentre Children's Library 22 June 2010

This libray has over 34,000 books in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Membership is RM15 per year. Registration RM1. 2 books for 2-6 weeks. You can have more than one membership. 
We became a member 18months ago and there are still thousand of books to loan. This library is VERY strict with the condition of their books. *take great care of them* 

Playcentre Children library 18, Jalan 6/6 46000 Petaling Jaya. 03-7781 7813.
Opening times - Tues 930am-430pm, Thurs 930am-1230pm, Sat 230pm-430pm

Have you seen this before ? 22 June 2010

Tuesday am
We spotted a huge grasshopper at Mont Kiara.

I wonder what is its name. Any idea?

Anne Frank, diary of a young girl 20 June 2010

Sunday pm.
Border is having a booksale on the ground floor @Ikano. I got this Anne Frank, unabridged audiobook on 5 cassettes for RM5! (u.p. is about RM100).
En love Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl so much. She knows exactly the location of her diary at the playcentre library and loan it again and again.

Budding Scientist Programme 21 June 2010

Monday 1030am.
A group of us, 12 mothers and 18 children(aged 3 to 7) attended Pusat Sains Negara science programme, RM3 per person.

Left- Our group! Right- cup stacking. En sat with her new friend, Inez.

Left- Hui's cups. Right- Stereo card holder (3D)

Left- paper helicopter. Right- eye illusion experiment.

Sorry Tadpoles :( 19 June 2010

Our tadpoles had died. :(  Project failed.

See also Other tadpoles link

Poor Vitro Orchid ! 19 June 2010

Vitro Orchid that we bought is contaminated *yuck*. Before that, I opened the cap to restore the position of the uprooted orchid.

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Souvenir from Singapore Science Centre ! 18 June 2010

Books from SGD2.70 to SGD5.25 - Hui's choice.
Snake and an orange calcite stone - En's.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Singapore Science Centre 18 June 2010

Friday am. World - Acclaimed Singapore Science Centre, Jurong East Mrt. It is made up of 12 exhibition galleries (indoor) ! We have been there 3 times and have yet to explore all the exhibits. On Singapore Science Centre brochure, it said " Even if you spend a mere 5 minutes on each exhibit, it will still take you at least seven days to see all we have to offer here! ". Holy cow! Abundant of thought-provoking experiences.

Public transport in Singapore is such a breeze. :) 

Left- A long walk from aunt's home to MRT station.
Right- Chua Chu Kang station, where we stayed.

Left- Both know how to use the ez-link card now. " tit tit "
Right- After much observation, at the 3rd visit, Hui tried this Eye & Mind-boggling exhibit. Ever wonder how you look like without a body? mwa ha ha ha.

Left- A new exhibit ! It is only a 3 months gap since the last visit at Science Centre, they have put up some new exhibits. *wow*
Right- another new exhibit. Interactive 3D eye glass.

En told me the picture moves. If you stay longer, it does !

Left- A number of drinkable water cooler available.
Right- a new after image play of Michael Jackson.

The staircase area is filled with illusion posters to tease your senses.

The library. Hui asked me how does the pulley system on the car toy set run. I couldn't get it work & so I thought it is not working. En took over and figure out how it works. Gosh!
Left- The selection of science related magazines available! *wowo*
Right- Children section.  

Left- Sound show. Right- Yi & Qi arrived! 4 of them walked hand in hand happily.

The last 27seconds of the sound show.

Left- One of the exhibits of Mathematic Gallery. Varieties of pizza fraction to solve.
Right- Living with Viruses Gallery.

Left- En was delighted seeing scytale! It is featured in one of her favourite book How to Be a Spy in 7 Days or Less
Right- " Wayang kulit " telling story on climate change. En passionately explained how it works.

Left- Award winning Waterworks. We have yet to explore outdoor galleries.
Right- Largest Tesla Coil in the Southeast Asia, 3.5 million volt & 5m long electric sparks. This time, they invited someone to sit inside the cage!

At "Climate Change" gallery. CO2 cycle.

We took the 1015pm night train back to KL. It was a bad choice. Train departed from Tanjung Pagar and custom check is done here. The immigration check is at Woodland, approx an hour later. By the time, the train arrived at Woodland, both EnHui were sound asleep !  Supper was served at Johore. I told the attendant to pass the breakfast as well so I can have a peaceful sleep after that (after the bad experience on the first leg). Train arrived at 7am, KL sentral.

Was I exhausted, cold & hungry? The fried rice is super delicious with a breakfast hot Milo.