Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tadpoles with hindlimbs 16 May 2010

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Can you spot the tiny hind legs?

How about here ?

And here?
Tadpole's hindlegs are longer now and still consume cabbage but at a faster rate. Now, it has changed from a herbivorous to omnivorous. We threw in a dead tiny spider but tadpole doesn't fancy it.


Jack Ng said...

Is kind of embarassing, but this is the first time I am seeing tadpoles with hindlegs, live.

At this time, the hindlegs grow at a rather fast rate. Can see difference in length (of the leg) every day.

Rayhana said...


Jack Ng said...

ai yo, don't yuck la. this is science.

now, we are doing observation, belum lagi nak start bedah.

Rayhana said...

i have ranidaphobia...

passed up opportunity to dissect frog in form 6. my friend killed it (even gave it a name) by putting it in the freezer.

yuck. :p

Under The Sky said...

Yeah! They change to frog pretty fast after the hind legs appear. The tail disappear in days after the front legs appear. One of our tadpoles had turned into frog =)

Jack Ng said...

Under the Sky, what did you feed them with after their hindlegs appear? Shannon did such a great job at home, that i have trouble locating ants or insects. ai yo.

Ray - I think your friend is ill. :)
I don;t have a problem with frogs. But I do have a chronic case of abiniphobia.

Under The Sky said...

I fed them frozen or defrost fish roe.

Jack Ng said...

ah...ok ok. thanks June.