Sunday, May 2, 2010

Box house turned into train & phone booth 29 April 2010

Thursday night.
They transformed the Box House into a train!
Hui was the train master,driving with a paper plate. En took the last coach because it came with a table!

They used to peep into the hole of this filter box months ago. They told me they were watching "dancing girls" (mimicking Lats Kampung Boy comic!) when I asked what they were peeping at! Today, this box has become a telephone booth! Hui was peeping when En made a call!

En has finished making a call and Hui went in. This is the conversation. "Hello, baby elephant. Yes, I am going to Langkawi. Do you wanna come? I need to ask my mom. "

 A telephone inside the booth.

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Jack Ng said...

I really love the phone booth, just a box. Is crazy how they think. Put a plate and a wooden knife there, and that's a phone???? Apa ni?

Funny funny funny.