Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unschooling Taiping & Kuala Sepetang Road Trip 5 May 2010

Wednesday am.
Our second unschool road trip, just me and EnHui. It was free and easy and itinerary is made up as we moved along. The road was clear and quiet when we travelled! En was skeptical of enjoying the long journey while being strapped in the car. Thankfully, it turned out fine and happy for both of them.

It took me 3 hours +, with a few stops, looking for Taiping map and Hui's toilet break. I wasn't able to find a single map when I reached Taiping. And our car air cond gave us away just as we exited Changkat Jering. (RM31.30 - from Sungai Buloh toll). We put up at a new Flemington Hotel, Jalan Samanea Saman, which is just located next to the serene Taiping Lake.

At this junction, we turned right.
By following the signs (Taiping Lake, Taiping Zoo), we reached Flemington hotel easily without map.

 The road to the hotel is lined with huge beautiful rain tree.

Flemington hotel @RM128 nett per night with foc breakfast, basement parking, internet and newspaper. Te hotel staff gave me a Taiping map which I don't use much during the stay. Taiping only has two main roads, Jalan Kota and Jalam Taming Sari. Most of the attractions are located near Flemington hotel.


View of Taiping Lake

Toiletries - toothbrushes, shower cap, sanitary napkin bag

Coffe/Tea maker & 2 bottles of complimentary mineral water daily.

Its pool is at the rooftop, both adult and children.Taiping is surrounded with mountain range, gave me a sense of tranquility and peace just like its name.


greenhoihoi said...

hey shannon, such amazing thing you are doing with the girls! traveling alone with them. your little girls are mini adult in their own rights. and a wonderful hotel you stay in too. how do you feel traveling alone with just the 2 girls? did you feel much insecurity? or was it a refreshing liberation... i would love to do something like this one day... it's great.

Jack Ng said...

i say, i really like the rain trees, and the lake, and the mountains. wish i were there.