Friday, May 14, 2010

Unschooling Taiping & Kuala Sepetang Road Trip - cont 6 May 2010

Thursday afternoon.
Matang Mangrove Forest is located opposite Mr Chuah Charcoal Factory. The entrance and parking is free. There is a boardwalk that leads the way into the forest. We saw some huge long-tailed macaques. There are some chalets and tents for renting as well. Half way into the forest, I saw two huge macaques swinging from tree to tree towards our direction. I quickly led EnHui out of the mangrove forest. :)

We returned to Taiping and took a jeep up to Maxwell Hill (tel no: 05-8077241). The bumpy ride took about 30minutes thru the narrow winding road. The round trip costs RM6 for adult and RM3 for child. The last jeep that goes up depart at 3pm whereas last jeep from the hilltop is at 4pm on weekday. The hilltop is quiet on a weekday and cafe is closed as well. EnHui excitedly search for flowers. Hui made me snapped a photo of every other flower that she saw. :)  I spoke to the jeep driver who has been working there for 25 years. He commented that Maxwell Hill used to be crowded and well-liked by tourist. He used to drive till 1am but these days are rather slow. En wish to return to Maxwell Hill again in the next morning as she enjoys the jeep rides so much. Tulips bloom in the month of January/February at Cendana Hut, a resort in Maxwell Hill. So I told En, we would try to come back during tulip season.

In the evening, I was drop dead tired. I thought En Hui would be exhausted too. Well, they were not at all tired and wanted to go Night Safari. Taiping Zoo and Night Safari is just a stone throw away from Flemington. I am expecting that Taiping Night Safari would be very much lacking compare to the Singapore Night Safari. Hence, I tried to dissuade them from going but to no avail. They both chanted "I want to see the animals" " I love seeing the animals".

The waiting area for the mini train ride is so dark! (photo) All light were off except for one! And I dont need to say more..
En asked "why are all the animals in the cage ? "
entrance fee adult RM16 and child is RM10. parking fees is RM2.

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Mom-On-The-Loose said...


I can't believe you went on the road trip alone with the girls.... my dad n husband wud definately not allow me :(

your girls are so lucky to have such a brave mother n sporting father!!! I'm sure it'll be a memory they'll cherish forever...