Monday, August 3, 2015

Telling the time December 2014

I smiled upon seeing this drawing one morning. 

At 10 years old , En has finally understand the clock on her own accord and at her own pace. 
No, there are no test papers. I knew it based on day to day conversation with her.
She assembled the puzzle bit by bit, from the questions she asked, when she wanted or needed to. 

Cultural Appreciation Show and Tell (India) 28 November 2014

Hui presented "Henna" topic and drew Henna on some kind willing co op members. :)

En told three Indian fables and threw some questions at the end of the talk. The prize was a Bharunda bird that she printed out and sticked it on an  ice cream stick with tape.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Clay with Mr Cheah November 2014

Mr Cheah - clay artist teacher. 017 881 2265 
introduced the children to the various clay method and stated that it is important to start from basic and understand the clay before moving on to potter's wheel. 

En Hui's work, using pinching method.

Our class started with the basic "pinching method", to "coil", then "slab" and finally "wheel"  

Coil Method.

Hui's vase, with coil method. 

Each session is RM50 including material, 3 - 4 hours, depending on what the kids' project is.

Cultural Appreciation Show and Tell (England) 31 October 2014

Early in the morning, she busied herself in the kitchen, preparing her English Cheese presentation. 

An English Ploughman's lunch.

English Cheese tray. 

Welcome sign by En. 
En's topic of the month was "The English Premier League", a football fan she is. 

Drawing on Newspaper 13 November 2014

Creating stamp postage on the pictures!

En Hui doodled on the newspaper. Hmmm.. I have never thought of that ! 

Learning Bahasa Melayu at home November 2014

A HS mom lent her box of Malay language books to me. I am thankful, very thankful. 

Kids are interested to pick up this language. I told them, it is up to them on how they would like to learn. Take one book at a time. Trust yourself. Learn anyway you think it suits you the best. It could be create a sentence, pick a word, write a song, create a game, just read it etcetera.  

Terra Farm Tree House Brinchang Cameron Highland 15 November 2014

We were back to this serene hideout. Being the only family here, it was a wonderful recuperating time for me. 
Treehouse no 5 was where we put up for the night. 

The kids followed Rachel around the farm and made this scarecrow. How excited the kids were to make a real scarecrow for the first time ! So, thank you Rachel. 

Over here, I don't need to worry about the kids. They roamed the magical kingdom freely. 

The little mudhouse that was built by the Waldorf children long ago became Hui's home.

The newly built rope and climbing frame became En's home. She stayed on the trees all the time. 

Rachel cooked delicious and healthy food for us.  

Previous trip here

Hui's drawing 1 October 2014

Cooking at home October 2014

This year, we needed to cook much more for a reason. Though it was tiring, I prefer to see it as opportunities to try many new ways of cooking with kids.

My beloved hubby text me from work, saying that the "curry leaf" on his lunch box is beautiful. 

Capsicum cup stuffed with vegetables, simmered with mushrooms.

Ulam rice. 

Sewing at Hobby n Coffee, TTDI 1 October 2014

En picked up sewing from the ever patient and kind Lucy of Hobby n Coffee. She doesn't charge us any fees but just the material we used.  

Lucy 's beautiful imported fabric. She has an online store too. 

Lucy allowed them to use the space and tools freely. 

My 7 year old also picked up the skill. 

They love the easy to use sophisticated Brother machines.

Thank you so much Lucy. 

En drawing 14 September 2014


I seldom see En draws.
Lately, she picked up her pen and drew again. She painted.

Hui 's Human Body Drawing 29 September 2014

I can't remember Hui ever drew something like this. 

Writing down your dream 12 September 2014

I helped her pen down this part of the dream. 

My 7 year old love to write down her dream. Most of the time, she can remember the dream vividly. By listening to her and helping her writing it down, enable connection from the right brain to the left brain. Creativity right brain needs to be connected to the left which is the output (read, write, speak) brain. She drew out the images where I will ask questions like its colour, shapes, sizes etcetera for connection to occur as she speaks. It is also a precious moment where I spend time listening to her.