Friday, September 4, 2015

Let toys be toys September 2015

En created "Escape Room" game at home for her boy-friends.  
It wasn't the first time she did that. Previously, the location was at her bedroom. This time round, it was in the bathroom! I managed to sneak in and snap a few photos before they start playing. 

So I asked one of the boys on  why he likes to come over and play. He replied " I love the games here. :)

One of the clues, a bandanna and a windbreaker on the floor. 

A bell !! Is it to call for help? 

The wooden box she made at scout class. 

At home, the girls play everything - train, cars, guns, dolls, Lego, boxes etcetera. I don't gender-stereotyped toy. They play with boys and girls. 

When they grew up, they learnt about stereotyping from people around them, which is okay as it is a fact of life.
They came to me, saying so and so said I am a girl and so I should do this and that. :)
As long as I am not stereotyping, I think they will be fine. 

When spending time with your kids by Steve Biddulph September 2015

When spending time with your kds,

1) Don't expect to actually achieve anything ! Especially with small children ( like going to the post office) the goal is no longer a goal. For example - if you are teaching them to use a screwdriver, you won't get the dong hung in a great hurry. So let go of that one. They will wander off in a while and you can make up for lost time.

2) Only do things with kids which you feel relaxed about. Their help in planting out spring seedlings will not give you an immaculate garden. You have to decide what you are doing - being with your kids or getting your job done in your usual standards. If you try to do both you will experience a little frustration. If I'm writing on the computer, I can't stand to be interrupted. So I don' t even try to involve my kids

3) Enjoy parenthood - it doesn't last! I was in my thirties when my son arrived, and so I am mindful that parenthood being all too short. If he wanders by when I am doing my job, I value the contact with him and like to see what I can teach him then and there. But not writing on the computer!

In conclusion - as a father you need to decide moment to moment what is more important to you, and it will sometimes be the kids, and sometimes not. One big plus is that kids tend to slow you down, and while slowed down, you start to rediscover little pleasures, which is the gift they bring. Time with kids is never wasted.

Cyclamen Cottage, Kampung Kolam Limbogan, Melaka 31 August 2015

It was a last minute plan to return to Melaka for errands. I rang up Cyclamen Cottage and took its last room available at its Anglo-Malay home, built in 1937. Cindy, the owner is extremely helpful and accommodating.  

Our room is at the end of the home. 

"Keronsong" means brooch.

Complimentary Jasmine tea bags and hot water. I think it is a much better choice than 3-in-1 instant beverage sachets.  

For 4 of us @RM200 with breakfast for 3.
A little over budget but it was worth the money. 

A well often fascinates the kids. 

Another well with pump at the side of Cyclamen Cottage. The garden is filled with edible herbs and plants.

Our neighbour house is one of the few that still keeps the old beautiful structure.

Hui on "Terompah" or "Paduka"

Chris, Cindy's husband gave us a tour of his Peranakan antique collection. He is kind and made us feel at home. I have only taken the photo of the "Terompah." Though he told me to feel free to take photos, I thought I should respect the privacy of his home.  

Chris arranged the "Terompah" nicely for me to snap another photo. Funny man he is. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka 23 August 2015

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is informative. I came unprepared, that is with no whatsoever sharing with my kids beforehand. I have forgotten almost everything I learnt in school !  When I paid for the tickets, the lady at the counter told me there will be a tour guide! I was thrilled. I thank her profusely and walked to where she pointed to. At the entrance, Jimmy, the guide greeted us with a friendly smile and share generously and passionately with us. I think I learn more from him than all my years of schooling in a the history class.  

Hui stared at the "precious" upon learning about castration ! 

Looking for lost treasure in the well. 

Besides having vast knowledge of Cheng Ho, Jimmy is also funny. He tried to trick us into believing that these machinese are used to torture the criminal !

This is how a sleeping cabin looks like in one of the many ships in Admiral Cheng Ho's voyage. 

Catholic Church Of St Francis Xavier, Jalan Banda Kaba, Melaka 23 August 2015

According to M, one can hardly see a pipe organ in a church these days.

The stainless glasses here are beautiful and filled with meaningful verses from the bible. 

A confession room. 
An excerpt from Wikipedia,  
  1. "In Catholic teaching, the Sacrament of Penance is the method of the Church by which individual men and women may confess sins committed after baptism and have them absolved by a priest. Although it is not mandatory, the Catholic rite is usually conducted within a confessional box, booth or reconciliation room "

Exploring and cycling at Banda Kaba, Melaka 23 August 2015

The children cycled while I walked, marvelling at the unique structures of the homes and life at Banda Kaba. 
There is a praying altar on the ground, at the left side of this house. The little door of the altar is closed in the day. At night, the door opened, revealing what is shown on the photo below. 

We have not seen anything like this before! Interesting!

Dear hubby had a small talk with a local resident. He said he learnt a great deal from this man. 

En cycled at the narrow alley of the neighbourhood.

Most of the roofs have triangular pointy shape. 

Melaka traditional kampung house seems to have stone stairs covered with multi-colour tiles. 

The owner of this home, a friendly woman whom I spoke to, said she has been living here since she was a kid. She doesn't want to move as this area is very convenient as compare to the new housing area.  The kampung house was extended to the back and at the bottom as well. 

The kids experienced my type of playground, what I played as a kid. She said "Sliding down the hard wooden slide was painful !" 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Apa Kaba Homestay, Kampung Banda Kaba, Melaka 23 August 2015

It was such a blessing to stumble upon this kampung homestay which is more than a 100 years old! The owner lives at the same house with us. 

The driveway into Apa Kaba's spacious compound. 

The entrance to the check-in front desk and also where the rooms are. 

Our room 's window. 

The door to the right is our room. Both the rooms are connected through a door inside the rooms. Our room is RM131 per night, for 4 of us with breakfast.  

The connecting door became the correspondence mode between my children and the children next door. Notes were passed through the gap under the wooden door and a gentle knock would followed. 

The antique oven.

There are many of these ventilation holes. 

The airy open air courtyard.

Old-fashioned lock.

Our bedroom 's window. 

We rented some bicycles to cycle around Banda Kaba. The rental is RM10 per day and deposit of RM50 is needed. 

Volunteering at Turtle Sanctuary, Pantai Padang Kemunting, Pengkalan Balak, Melaka 22 August 2015

The holding pond was well cleaned and brushed by the volunteers. En spent one last moment and sent love thoughts to the turtles.   

Without any hesitation, she would jumped into the pond and scrubed. I admire her enthusiasm. 

Hui raked the dried leaves at the nursery. 

It is so hard to look for plastic resin pellet at the beach. Maybe I am inexperienced. Find out more on pellet here

Beach clean-ip. 

I love this part, hatchling released. It is different from the usual ones that we have done. We were told to form a "V" or "U" shape and stayed put to watch. No photography and no touching/holding the baby turtles. Just watched them with no interruption.  

Hui's DIY Paper dolls August 23 August 2015

Homeschool Scout with Quek TL August 2015

Sharing on World Scout Jamboree 2015's experience by Quek. 

Receiving scout badge, the special moment kids had been waiting for. They worked hard for it.  

Packing survival kit. 

Some of the contents of survival kit.

The list of tests completed.

Basic photography.  En did a selfie!  

Scout T-shirt planning. 

The second term ended. How time flies!  It has been good so far, outdoor + activities + a passionate and kind teacher. Thank you Quek. 
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