Monday, August 29, 2016

Lilo s Traveller Home Cherating Kemaman Pahang 24 December 2015

It has been a great pleasure to meet  Boon, Sachi and little Lilo and stayed with them. Lilo is very adorable and fun to be with. Boon shared generously on how to grow food and showed us his plants. He also cooks well and accomodate our vegetarian requests. His cafe located on the beach. 

Accommodation is simple and very basic which is what we prefer. The beach is about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Lilo s home, across the road. 

Dogs looked fierce and barking as we approached but became friendly almost instantly after Sachi signalled to them that we are guests.


The entrance of Lilo 's home and also where we parked our car. 

Meditating and doing nothing at the beach. 

Watching the locals catch fishes and sea grapes. 

Lilo played with us most of the time. 

At Mazlan 's  batik and tie - dye shop, just a short walk from Lilo s home. Over here, at Kg Cherating Lama, the local people is close-knit.  Mazlan prefer the kids to sketch their own and experience the whole process of batik printing, canting with hot wax and also dye bath. 

Revisited Pantai Teluk Manik  where we first observed how a majestic turtle lay eggs.  

Following a monitor lizard till we lost track of it. 

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