Saturday, August 27, 2016

Homeschool Scout with Quek TL - Visiting Siddharthan Care Centre PJ 9 Dec 16

The scouts made a visit to Siddharthan Care Centre. 

I gave each of them a shopping list and budget. They did the comparison and calculation.  

We also baked cupcakes with the help of a talented young baker JY,  to bring over to the children. 

Ice breaking session where children introduced themselves and told their ambition. Mostly wanted to be a doctor, teacher and scientist. My children said they want to be a beautician and a manicurist. Hmmm. .

At the Care Centre, scouts assisted Mr Quek in teaching "origami".

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Then they will be environmentalist beauticians and manicurists who will use their talents for greater good! Teaching people that they don't have to choose between looking good and helping animals, promoting eco-friendlier and kinder-to-animals products and techniques, and spending their free time helping the less fortunate look good and feel more confident and cheerful! I can just about imagine it!