Tuesday, May 11, 2010

En's thoughts on property investment 8 May 2010

Saturday pm.
En mentioned "When we get money from the first one, we buy another one to rent out. So we get more cash"

Sunday night ,2 May 2010.
My first game of monopoly with En! While  I was looking at the back of a box for instruction, En pointed to the other small box and said " It's there " :) When I was struggling with the tiny prints,  she said "I'll be the banker and I show you how to play!". She played the 'transfomer monopoly' with aunt Ling before. And I thought, she might not understand much ! So, we started the 'dora monopoly' (birthday present from aunt Jane) on En's instruction.

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Jack Ng said...

Yeah, I was a little surprise she caught on pretty fast. But I am not sure whether is just a phrase for her, or where she heard it from somebody or really understand the concept of it. Oh what the heck, let me enjoy the moment of being proud of her assuming that she knows what she talked about.