Wednesday, May 12, 2010

En is 6 ! 1 May 2010

Saturday night.
This year, we didn't have a birthday party at home as it coincided with uncle Pravich's visit. We dined out and celebrated En's birthday as well. :) As it's a family dinner, there are no other little children whom EnHui could play children birthday party games with. Hence, this year, we had adult birthday party games instead ! I told En to organise it. ; )

It started with baking En's birthday cake on the night before. It was a buttercake. En wished to bake a fondant birthday cake. I commented that adults don't like fondant as it's too sweet and perhaps we make 4 fondant cupcakes for grandma as mother's day cake. She agreed !

On Saturday morning, we prepared the buttercream icing and decorate the cake with it.

Ta-da! En's 6th birthday cake, no name and only wording as En's wish. Hui tried making flowers with buttercream icing too.  
 En dressed herself as princess, pink dress with her self made pink crown and pink star-shaped wand. We had two adult games after the meal. The first game was a list of 11 questions about the birthday girl to fill in. The person who gets the most correct answers win a prize.** Congratulation aunt m ling. En didn't tell a word when she was enticed by the crazy adults in revealing the answers!

Left- the second game, word search on En's favourite things. The fastest person wins a free dinner. **aunt y ling, we owe u a dinner!
Right - "How much do you know about the birthday star" questions.

After the birthday games, En prepared her birthday cake and we whispered a birthday song. :) And she couldnt wait to open all of her presents at home. Hui was invited to open together. They each opened one end of the present and joyfully revealed what was inside. En gave her pink Dora luggage trolley bag for Hui, knowing her sister loves pink. En takes the current old blue one. We are so amazed by her generousity as a 6 year old. Happy Birthday Zhang En, I love you so much.


sochau said...

Happy birthday! from Abigail & Gabrielle.

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

happy birtday en!!!! it sounded like a wonderful way to turn 6!!!