Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homeschooling Centre in Malaysia 24 September 2012

I am often asked " I heard that you homeschool. Which centre do you go? or Do you operate a centre? "

In Malaysia, there is a type of learning centre that called themselves, "Homeschool Centre". It uses overseas curriculum (Sonlight, Alpha Omega etc) and parents drop their children there just like going to school.

When I explained that I homeschool my children at home, mostly looked confused and stunned. :)  hehe.
Then, some will ask "What time is your homeschool?"

I think we (myself included) are so used to the thought that learning has to happen in a school setting and with a time table, that it is so hard to understand that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

I truly feel that children, especially the young ones should be given the freedom to learn naturally and explore freely at their own pace but not being put to a desk-bound, Monday to Friday, 9am till whatever time type of learning.  As the child progress or as they get older, should they think they need to learn that way for a reason, then structured learning will become purposeful and meaningful.
Besides, for very young children, I feel that  parental bonding and emotional and physical development of the child should come first.

The definition of "homeschool is to educate (one' children) at home instead of sending them to school/learning centre". And with that, I homeschool with the children and I don't do "centre".
I am not saying homeschooling is perfect education, after all nothing in life is perfect but I firmly believe education has to begin with unconditional love. And home is the ideal place.

I used to think education means going to school (and recently homeschool centres), sit for examinations and get your certificates.
I used to think everyone goes through the same education pathway, the one and only way, the only choice.  Without it, life will be in jeopardy and bleak future. It has been programmed into my mind, good grades=good job=good life. Is this what education is all about? I thought, absolutely not.


lydia said...

hi, I am just another annoying curious person. I understand that you do 'school' everywhere. I followed some of your posts where the kids visits places and learnt lots of things in the process. But do they do maths, and writing? No worksheets at all? I love the hands on, real life way of learning, but somehow I can't connect where does the table work fit in, in this lifestyle.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Lydia,

I think you are so forthcoming to comment far from being annoying. :)

Yes, Lydia, but there is no straight forward answer to your questions. They do math but not in the conventional manner. The older kid, yesterday, figured out that she needs $10 note in order to buy 2 cupcakes at $4.50 each, and on the same day, she bought a $3 plain macaron instead of a $6 decorated one, so that she does not spend so much money. So that's math for the older kid. She seldom attempt worksheets, she does not like it. The children are exposed to worksheets, revision books by virtue of their relatives and friends whom are school-going children, as well as our occasional visits to bookstores. The little one, although does not do worksheet regularly, when she does, is hard to stop her. She has fun doing it and she wants us to buy worksheets for her.

As for writing, today the little sent a SMS. The older one, wrote and posted a snail mail last Friday. They write when they want to write, is with a purpose I would say. There is no writing practice or comprehension, if that's what you are asking.

azimah said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm keen on doing homeschooling, what are the procedures involve. My daughter is currently in form 1 with the PBS system. I would really appreciate if you could email me at

Ng Shannon said...


I have sent an email to you. Thank you.

Fennie said...

Hi Shannon

I am towards the homeschooling for my 2 kids too (8 years and 11 years old now). Would appreciated it if i can get the procedure from you.
My email address is

Thank you.

fullfilldreamswithmylovesone said...

Hi , Shannon,
I m still finding out about the home schooling for my kids which is a slow learner .
Would appreciate it if I can get more info from you .
My email -
Thank you very much

Ng Shannon said...

Rach & Fennie

I have sent you an email.

sarah said...

hi Shannon
I have a 5 yrs old son, smart boy but very quiet. I used critics those who do homeschooling but now as I read ur blog somehow the homeschooling had attract me.
mind to tell me the procedures.
thank u shanon. my email >
P/s - I can see that u r a gentle mother unlike me who are tempered person :) but education wise I can teach well. I don't trust the gvt. sch.
- simply sarah

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Sarah

Thank you for your kind comment. At times, I am short temper. I am not perfect.

Email address noted.

Unknown said...

Hi Shannon,
I chanced upon your blog whilst researching on the prospect of homeschooling my girls... my older, 12 will be sitting for her UPSR next week and my younger is 8... both in SJKC...
Is it too late to homeschool the older one? What kind of curriculum or syllabus should I use?
Do you draw up a daily schedule for your children?

Ng Shannon said...


I personally think that it is never too late. "Never Too Late" is also what we like to show our kids, don't we? The kids have yet to use any curriculum. No I do not draw daily schedule.

Jacqueline said...

Hello Shannon

So glad that I found your blog! I am a mother of 6 year old currently reside in United States, relocating back to Malaysia next year. Considering homeschool my boy when back in Malaysia. Would love to connect with parents who homeschool their child. This is my email add: Keep up the good work!

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you Jacqueline. Hope to hear from you too -

Mrs usman said...

Hello shannon..i am a mother of 6yr old boy..i just arrived from pakistan to malaysia..i am interested to home schooled my child kindly gv me sum suugestions n guidlines ..i will b v thankful to u email adress is

pekyeen said...

Hi Shannon,
I am so glad to read your blog.. I am keen on homeschooling for my kid. I am new to it and I will like to study more and get more information. Appreciate if you could drop me an email. My email is Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

I would like to homeschool my 7-year-old son, but I am new to it and I don't know what subject I have to cover and where to get all the pertinent learning materials. It would be very much appreciated if you can drop me an email and let me know the procedure.

My email is

Note : I prefer to use the materials that align him to IGCSE in the future.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

I am about to become a single parent at age 55 for a lovely 11-year old daughter who is currently in a SRJK(C). We will probably relocate to start life afresh and I need to look into homeschooling for her. I will appreciate it if you can drop me and email so that we can start to make a small step forward on this. My email address is

Thank you.

Unknown said...


Very interesting what you do to homeschool. I have migrated and decided to homeschool my child as he has mild autism. Totally lost in Malaysia where to seek help and advise. Please can you kindly send me information regarding homeschool. I would like to get my boy started . Thank you

Ng Shannon said...

Hi all.
My email is
Feel free to drop an email.

Unknown said...

Hi Sharon, we are interested to get our kids into scout. do you mind sharing how to register the kids into scout? My email: thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, my son is 5 yeard old now. I am trying to look for a good homeschooling teacher for him when he turns 7. Cause i hate school method when i was young. But seems like is not easy in melaka to gind a homeschooling. But i have no idea how to homeschool for my son, though i love to do it and spent much much lot of time with him. I dont know what to teach and what kind of sylabus should i use. Could you kindly share with me and what and where to get the learning materials. I know its abit annoying that you need to atted so many mails. But i really cross my finger for your help. Email:

Ng Shannon said...

You can find the contact number at one of the blogpost of scouting.

Sorry for the late reply. No, it is not annoying. I don't specifically use a fixed curriculum. It is mixed and match from whatever we find.
One step at a time. Start with something he is intersted in and work from there.