Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Sunway PJ 8 September 2012

Lockers are available. RM5 per use or RM15 per day. 
Alternatively, you can bring a trolley bag with padlock and park it anywhere in the park= free. 

Park your vehicle at Sunway Pyramid, following Sunway Lagoon signage.
Originally, the kids were supposed to go BASF 2012 for some chemistry experiments. Then this Sunway Lagoon offer of RM40 per adult and RM30 per kid for wildlife park, water park and amusement park came to light. 
Needless say, the kids went for the latter and ditched the former one. I feel the same way. hehe. 

We were told to arrive at 7am but nay, you can arrive before 830am. 
Bring a trolley as each person will receive a huge goodie bag of products, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, contact lens solution, mosturizer, wet tissues, facial tissues, female essence, 100 plus, etc etc etc. It is definitely worth more than what I have paid for the ticket. We were also given a free breakfast of ice lemon tea, a bottle of water, some pastry and sandwiches.

After the walkathon finished, the kids jumped into the water.

The zumba instructor was good. I have to restraint myself from dancing and went straight to the water slide to beat the crowd.

As there wasn't any crowd, the kids went up the water slide for countless of times. 
The yellow tubing is free.

The kids had crazy fun. 
I like both the slides, open and tunnel ones, my older kid said.

The younger one bellowed " I like the tunnel slide more as it is longer, twisty and DARK!" 

You didn't see me on the slide as I chicken out. Yeah probably not the first time. 

My younger kid just met the minimum height requirement. 

 This pool is good during sunny afternoon. 

The kid stepped in when the huge bucket of water was about to collapse. 

Blue tubing is available for rental. 
RM10 for a one seater. RM20 for a two seaters.
We didn't want to pay, and so we waded the water with hands and legs.

We watched a group of women taking the plunge at the suspension bridge.

Why do they tie the legs? asked my little one. 

The amusement park is so much more fun than the Genting Highland's one. 

Only two riders! 


She ain't afraid of height @ Ferris Wheel.

They love super fast ride.


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~CovertOperations78~ said...

You sure did take some good photos of the girls having fun! I had to put my camera in the locker for safekeeping when I was in Sunway Lagoon last June so I didn't get any photos. We did all 5 parks and covered all the attractions and rides in Lagoon within 6.5 hours. The dark tube slide is the best!

Ng Shannon said...

Hello James,

Yes, sure. Please kindly post the link there. Thank you very much.

5 parks in 6.5 hours! That was so fast!!!