Monday, October 15, 2012

Unschooler math and writing 14 October 2012

A question from L.

"I understand that you do 'school' everywhere. I followed some of your posts where the kids visits places and learnt lots of things in the process. But do they do maths, and writing? No worksheets at all? I love the hands on, real life way of learning, but somehow I can't connect where does the table work fit in, in this lifestyle. "

Yes, L, but there is no straightforward answer to your questions. They do math but not in the conventional manner. The older kid, yesterday figured out that she needs $10 note in order to buy 2 cupcakes at $4.50 each, and on the same day, she bought a $3 plain macaron instead of a $6 decorated one, so that she does not spend so much money. So that's math for the older kid. She seldom attempt worksheets, she does not like it. The children are exposed to worksheets, revision books by virtue of their relatives and friends whom are school-going children, as well as our occasional visits to bookstores. The little one, although does not do worksheet regularly, when she does, it hard to stop her. She said 'It is fun" and she wants us to buy worksheets for her. 

As for writing, today the little one just sent a SMS. The older one, wrote and posted a snail mail last Friday. They write when they want to write, is with a purpose I would say. There is no writing practice or comprehension, if that's what you are asking. 

An excerpt from an article from The Star paper about classroom learning.

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