Monday, October 15, 2012

Gua Anak Tempurung, Gopeng Perak 29 September 2012

Direction to Gua Anak Tempurung - Gopeng Exit. Turn left. Drive straight, pass Jeram town on your right side. Take the first left turn after Jeram town. After the left turn, "Klinik Desa Jeram" is on your left. Drive straight, cross a bridge and turn to your left. You will see GB Kuari on your left. Follow the curvy road.  Pass Sg Siput Selatan. Shortly after that, turn left into the gravel road. Follow the bumpy trail. Take the left if you come to a fork road. You will see "Ma Tau" signage. Stop at where the photo shown above.

If you have a 4-wheel-drive, you can drive up here. 
The path to the entrance of Gua Anak Tempurung is on the left where the group of cavers were standing.
As this is not a commercialized place, there aren't any signages leading to this cave.

Walking to the entrance from where we parked.

The cave.

Climbed down at the beginning of the path.

Walked through the trees.

Went over the fallen tree trunk. 

Our group leader, Ryan entering the cave's entrance.

This is what we saw after we crawled through the entrance. 
Torch light is a must as the cave is in total darkness.

Some part of the cave has very low ceiling that we have to crawled. 
Helmet is a compulsory for safety. 

My older child was wearing a bicycle helmet. I borrowed a yellow construction hat from someone.

The information sharing by the MNS cavers were excellent.

Gua Anak Tempurung is a river cave with a mere length of 0.9km. 
 Be prepare to get wet.  It will takes approximately 15minutes to just walk through it. We took about 1.5hour as we stopped along the way to marvel at the cave and listened to the information shared by MNS cavers.

Spot the cricket with long legs.

Below are some excellent photos taken and shared by Jimmy Chew.

Tailess whip scorption

We were puzzled by the yellow and blue paints on the wall. 

These are straws.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Another great adventure! I remember the tailless whip scorpions from my Basic Caving Course as well. They were everywhere on the cave walls.

Unknown said...

Hi Shannon

I am new in HS & am really looking for more social interaction for my child & parents' support group. It's so great to see all these wonderful activities your group participated. May I know how I can join your group of HS parents? Thanks & regards, Mei Leng. My email:

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Mei Leng,

I have replied your "pm" and hope to see you soon.

Unknown said...

Dear Shannon

Thanks for your reply. Yes, hope to see you soon too! :-))