Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flower Dissection 24 April 2011

After a swim with dad, EnHui came back with a 'Spider Lily' flower from the garden.

They began to dissect the flower, going into every nook and cranny.
Egg cells at the stem.

The new microscope bought by aunty J is so much better than our old tiny one.
En had fun, looking at the details of a petal, sepal, stigma and others through the new microscope.   

Earth day @Giza 22 April 2011

Friday am.
We browsed through the displays in conjuction with Earth Day at Giza. En admired the art work so much.
Here are some of the photos. 

Massive use of synthetic chemicals turning precious land into lifeless desert.

Tomatoes are inserted with spider genes so that evil corporation can earn billions of dollars from silk extraction from tomatoes!

Plants effectively stop photosynthesis when temperature reaches 37degree.
Rice crops will cease to pollinate when temperature reaches 40degree.

Blue bottles represent the chemicals that are poured onto mother earth.

How different food being processed and changed before and after in a factory setting.

Memorial of the late Capt Ghani 22 April 2011

We were glad to be present at the memorial of late Capt Ghani.
Each of the balloon released represented a year of  Capt Ghani's life.
En said 'We can share our dada with A'

Bodies Across Boundaries @ The Actors Studio 22 April 2011

We were mesmerized by every moment. En Hui were the only kids among the adults.
Throughout the show, Hui asked so many questions and got told off by a very well groomed young lady who sat in front of her !

It's out first time at Actors Studio, Lot 10. The seats are good for little Hui who likes to lie down sometimes.

Skybridge Petronas Twin Tower 20 April 2011

Wednesday 730am
EnHui & I arrived at 730am, and we were queuing at the fourth row. Out of curiousity, I asked the first one in line what time he arrived.  With blurry eyes, he uttered "330am".
Skybridge counter and entrance is located a floor below Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The queue numbers were issued at about 815am. Ticket counter opens at 830am. I bought my tickets at 910am.

RM3 per ticket for MyKad holder aged 4 and above. Toddler, aged 3 and below is free but a ticket will be issued as well.
One person 12 years and above, is entitle to buy 5 tickets
I bought 25 tickets + 5 toddler tickets and came with 4 other friends.
We got tickets for 1pm slot, which is the earliest time available.

Morning session was spent at the huge KLCC playground.

You need to arrive at least 10minutes before your allocated time slot.

 A 7 minutes video will be shown. Time to snooze for me.

Backpack and stroller have to be stowed at the locker.

15minutes at skybridge.
It was excellent, seeing our group of kids running around and rolling on the ground happily.

My snapshot of one of the view.

DNA extraction from an onion, Pusat Sains Negara 21 April 2011

Thursday 10am
En joined the lab experiment at Pusat Sains Negara, which meant for 7 years old and above. Hui tagged along. The staff didn't seem to mind having younger children in the lab! Hence, Hui got to participate as well.

The preschooler Budding Scientist program that we attended last year, was too easy for the kids. Today lab experiment is much more interesting. :)

The night before the trip, I searched for DNA info (yeah I don't know what DNA is) and found this
DNA video for kids very helpful.

Both were so talkative in class and it became a nuisance to the older children who were listening intently.

The aparatus and material.

Fill the microtubes with onion.

Add a solution (the staff said it consists of water, salt and detergent).
Smash it with a tiny pestle.

Put inside the microcentrifudge and spun 13000rpm, for ten minutes.
Gosh! My first time seeing machine like this.

While waiting for the microcentrifudge complete its task, we were given two strip of felt-like material and straws of 4 different colours to construct a DNA model.

Hui said "It's like a ladder",

DNA model.

We got our microtubes back and the onion was smash to tiny bits.
Extract the liquid to another microtubes and add isopropanol.
Look at it under the light and see the strands of onion DNA.
At home, En posed a question "Mom, is the DNA of a pair of twin the same? "

Heritage House, Gopeng 17 April 2011

Sunday afternoon.
Heritage House opens on weekend only, from 10am to 3pm. It's  located at Gopeng town., next to the roundabout.
There is no entrance fees to visit Heritage house and I found this place more interesting than Gopeng museum.

My granny used to have this fan.

wow we love this old bedframe.

Heritage house is a huge three storey shophouse restored, to let visitors have a glimpse of how life was during the tin mines era.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rafflesia and Rajah Brooke Birdwing trekking @Ulu Geroh Gopeng 17 April 2011

Currently, there are only two MNS appointed orang asli Semai guide for Ulu Geroh Jungle Trekking. They are Ngah Teroq 017 569 1227 and Bah Ihsan 012 400 7564. You will find it hard to get through the number due to the poor reception at their village.
Rafflesia trekking is RM22 per person and same goes to Rajah Brooke Birdwing.
Depends on the Rafflesia's location, our jungle trek took an hour, to and fro.

We tailed Ngah's motorcycle, for about 45minutes from Gopeng town to Rafflesia Visitor Centre, driving through tar road, narrow gravel path which fills with sand and rocks, across bridges and passed by oil palm and durian plantation.  A SUV is a better choice.
Ngah said 'Okay, okay no problem' when I asked him if I could drive my car in.

Crossing the bridge just above the rapid river (pic below).

When En saw this, she hollered "Yayy white water rafting !!"

We finally arrived the destination in one-piece. It was one scary ride.
After registering at Rafflesia Visitor Centre cum accomodation, our guide gave us a short briefing about the tour.
Thereafter, we walked through the Orang Asli Semai village before reaching the Ulu Geroh Forest Reserve.  

The things are stuffed on the wall and roof without any cupboards.

Pants stuffed into socks, to prevent the blood sucking leeches.
We trampled onto muddy and lumpy ground.

Edible bunga kantan.
 The guide said 'The Orang Asli don't eat it but the chinese do'

Giant millipede.

5-petaled Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. 
 It will be in bloomed in another 2 days.

Dried Rafflesia.

Male Rajah Brooke Birdwing butterfly absorbed mineralised water from the ground.
The spot is just short 2minutes away from the Rafflesia Visitor Centre. From the centre, go straight toward the Orang Asli Semai home. Take the right turn before the bridge. Go straight and you will see them shortly.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Camp, Nomad Adventure. Gopeng 16 April 2011

It's durian season at Gopeng. Shortly after we stepped into Earth Camp, durian plop down with a loud thud. En scooted the loot back to the treehouse. Yes, we could eat free durian from the trees. 

The rambutan appeared to be riped and juicy but I now see them to be quite sour. ;p

We were assigned to a connecting treehouse. One treehouse for 2 pax.

The trees of our treehouse. Be prepare for uninvited guest (insects) inside the treehouse.

The connecting platform.

A view from our treehouse.

The steps with huge gap.

It has a small ceiling fan in the room. In the day, mosquitoes can be a nuisance. At night, the air was really cold and we slept comfortably without mozzies disturbance. Hui who never complain of coldness before, asked to switch off the fan in the wee morning.
Bring an additional adapter as there is only one power socket available.  If you turn on the fan, you can't charge your mobile or camera.

There are ample windows which ventilate the room. Mozzies are able to sneak in through gaps in between the planks and roof. The mattresses are thin and clean mattress cover sheet is provided. In addition, there is also a thin white cloth for blanket. Bring your own pillow.

Left over clothes hanger by previous guest.


Basin, just outside the ladies.

Toilet and showers with gap on the roof. If you are a tall person, your head is visible when you shower.

The doors have gaps at most sides. To make it worse, there is no wall surrounding the capsules (check the photo above).

The reason of why there are gaps between door and frame is stated at the entrance of the bathroom.!

Interior of dormitory.

Another type of accommodation.

Our buffet dinner. Buffet lunch is of similar food.

Breakfast. Other food include sandwiches, fried rice and Milo (very sweet)
A night stay at the treehouse is RM 55 per person(adult or child) which include lunch, dinner and breakfast.  with a condition that at least 2 adults take Nomad Adventure activities such as white water rafting or rope course.  It's RM150 per person for white water rafting.

En who was obssessed with this book Outdoor Adventure Handbook: The Essential Pocket Guide for the Young Adventurer started some adventure outdoors on her own.

Hui found a long stick with two branches and was seen running all over with it.

En prepared for camp fire at night. I forgot the marshmallow.

En and her favourite pet. Of late, Hui shied away from cat after seeing En got bitten by one.

Sungai Kampar at Earth Camp, adjacent to the dining hall.  It's where the white water rafting ends.

We heard of one woman, aged 50+  uttered " It's very exciting"