Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Camp, Nomad Adventure. Gopeng 16 April 2011

It's durian season at Gopeng. Shortly after we stepped into Earth Camp, durian plop down with a loud thud. En scooted the loot back to the treehouse. Yes, we could eat free durian from the trees. 

The rambutan appeared to be riped and juicy but I now see them to be quite sour. ;p

We were assigned to a connecting treehouse. One treehouse for 2 pax.

The trees of our treehouse. Be prepare for uninvited guest (insects) inside the treehouse.

The connecting platform.

A view from our treehouse.

The steps with huge gap.

It has a small ceiling fan in the room. In the day, mosquitoes can be a nuisance. At night, the air was really cold and we slept comfortably without mozzies disturbance. Hui who never complain of coldness before, asked to switch off the fan in the wee morning.
Bring an additional adapter as there is only one power socket available.  If you turn on the fan, you can't charge your mobile or camera.

There are ample windows which ventilate the room. Mozzies are able to sneak in through gaps in between the planks and roof. The mattresses are thin and clean mattress cover sheet is provided. In addition, there is also a thin white cloth for blanket. Bring your own pillow.

Left over clothes hanger by previous guest.


Basin, just outside the ladies.

Toilet and showers with gap on the roof. If you are a tall person, your head is visible when you shower.

The doors have gaps at most sides. To make it worse, there is no wall surrounding the capsules (check the photo above).

The reason of why there are gaps between door and frame is stated at the entrance of the bathroom.!

Interior of dormitory.

Another type of accommodation.

Our buffet dinner. Buffet lunch is of similar food.

Breakfast. Other food include sandwiches, fried rice and Milo (very sweet)
A night stay at the treehouse is RM 55 per person(adult or child) which include lunch, dinner and breakfast.  with a condition that at least 2 adults take Nomad Adventure activities such as white water rafting or rope course.  It's RM150 per person for white water rafting.

En who was obssessed with this book Outdoor Adventure Handbook: The Essential Pocket Guide for the Young Adventurer started some adventure outdoors on her own.

Hui found a long stick with two branches and was seen running all over with it.

En prepared for camp fire at night. I forgot the marshmallow.

En and her favourite pet. Of late, Hui shied away from cat after seeing En got bitten by one.

Sungai Kampar at Earth Camp, adjacent to the dining hall.  It's where the white water rafting ends.

We heard of one woman, aged 50+  uttered " It's very exciting"

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