Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disney on Ice 2011 @Bukit Jalil Stadium 1 April 2011

Friday night
Our complimentary tickets at L1, K18 & K19. The seats are small and narrow. It was very uncomfortable with Hui sitting on my lap. Fortunately, the seat next to us was empty and it was the only empty seat in our row.  

Our seats face the front stage and the view was quite okay.  It was our first time watching Disney on Ice. The show was fascinating, with colours, Disney songs and talented skier swirling and dancing.

The Disney merchandise are so pricey but attractive. I was suprised to see so many kids came with fancy dress costume and hands full with all sorts of Disney toys.  

A brief video of the ending part of Tinker Bell show.


Melvin Lim said...

Got more complimentary tickets mou? I want, I want, hehe.

Ng Shannon said...

mou woh. 2 only.