Sunday, April 17, 2011

SPCA(Selangor) 11 April 2011

Monday 10am
We (10 families) visited SPCA (Selangor) today for an educational trip. The tour was delayed for an hour due to poor preparation on SPCA part. During the delay, I should have requested to tour around the centre instead of waiting inside the room.

Dogs and cats in the cage. They will be put down in one week if no one adopts them. :(

Amelia, the marketing officer, showed us slides on how to take care of pet and spot troubled animals. A puppy and kitten were brought into the room for petting.

The children was asked to form a circle where the puppy was put in the middle. Amelia said " Dont touch".

And when Amelia gave the green light to touch....

On the other circle, a kitten was put in the middle. Amelia didn't allow the children to touch it. She had to tell En, who couldn't resist touching her favourite animal, countless of time not to touch it !!!
For a visit, email SPCA

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