Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FRIM Tissue Culture Lab 14 April 2011

ler Thursday 915am
We joined a tissue culture lab outing, organised by YL.  Having her, a marvellous and experienced science teacher onboard is wonderful. It is such a great help for me who knows nothing on science and not knowing where to proceed on unschool science. :) I am thankful!  

The kids mingled with each other at ease. Be it a new kid on the block or old friends. On the other hand, I have gone through years of socialization in school, found it tough to break the ice and socialize when meeting new mothers.

B6 - that's where the Culture Laboratory is located. (opposite D6,  Customer One Stop Centre)

According to a curator, he was not aware of our group visiting the lab! The staff removed the glasses from the table as we walked into the lab with a bunch of young children, below 7 years old. :)

Dr Noh Hasnida, a senior reserch officer shared her knowledge with us.

Due to safety reason, only 12 years old and older kids were allowed to enter the lab. 
 Dr Noh Hasnida was accomodating and somehow agreed to let younger children, aged 7 and above to step in.

En entered on her own with  aunty J, where I stayed outside, taking care of the little toddlers.

Hui, led the others, played games on the table!

After the lab visit, we were led to the Museum and trekked the jungle through Keruing trail. The guide who led us, was also our assistant guide on our FRIM field trip in14 December 2010.

Perah tree, is where Camp Perah, FRIM derived its name from.
I  have visited the campsite, with the intention to camp there but found the place with no river or stream for children to dip.

wahhhh oooohhh the sure response you will hear from people who sees it for the first time. :)
Today, I learnt that when the leaves meet, they will drop off hence leaving the wonderous and mysterious gap.

The nickname of this tree is toilet tree! It looks like a cubicle.

Some marks left by a wild boar.

Today, we trekked further into the jungle than our previous trip. The area was damp and we spotted different types of beautiful fungi.

Another fungi which we have not seen before.
The fees for this field trip is RM3 per person, aged 5 and above. There is no charge for aged 4 and below.

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