Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ethnobotanic Garden, FRIM 14 December 2010

Tuesday 9am
A visit to C1, Ethnobotanic Garden, requires an approval letter. Send an email with a formal letter of request to Pn Hasni ,  Tel: 03- 6279 7649. By doing that, a nature tour guide will be appointed and the charges is RM80.  This is my first time having a guide at FRIM and I was a bit reluctant in the beginining. Our guide, Zaidi a.k.a Addy, is a pleasant man who is patient and loves nature so much. Our field trip turned out to be a FUN and educational one.

Our group of 7 mothers and 11 children, aged from 1 to 8 years old.

The pond next to D6 Customer One-stop Centre, where you can spot arapaima as long as 6ft!  Addy said 'Usually, the water in the pond is clear. Today, the pond turned muddy after the rain.'  

What flower is this? Aunty R said ' It's like those in the Avatar movie'.
Although, we have only asked to visit the Ethnobotanic Garden, museum was included in the trip as well. I like it, that Addy allowed the children to explore freely when he talked. The children could join in, as and when they were interested.  :)

Ethnobotanic Garden is closed on the weekend.

Herbs nursery.

The moment En saw the bridge, she ran towards it. Unfortunately, the area after the bridge is closed for now and we could only visit a small area of the garden.

Tongkat Ali and ???  this plant consists of leaves with different shapes and colours.  

Addy took us to a nature trail after the Ethnobotanic Garden, which we didn't expect it to be included as well. We came unprepared with no mosquito repellant, EnHui were wearing flip flops and I didn't bring my Ventolin inhaler ! :) 
He took us to the Keruing Trail, which is located next to the museum. Take the left lane and go straight.   

Left- Addy said 'this is the most expensive tree in the world'. Right- 'Kacip Fatimah', the female version of 'Tongkat Ali'

Left - milipede home. Right- Without much hesitation, En let the giant ant crawled on her palm. I saw how anxious Addy was, telling En to not hurt it. We could see he is passionate of his work and adores nature.   

When it started to drizzle, we took shether by the hut. En broke the ice by getting the kids to play 'London Bridge is falling down'.

Addy said 'Ghost- hand leave' and  giant bamboo which grows up to 20cm per day. The bamboo was located at the beginning of the trail.  

The best thing about this trail, was knowing 'Kapur' tree. Take its leave, crush it and smell. ehmmm.. It is used to make 'Tiger Balm and 'Mopiko'. When you look up, WOWOW

this is what you see. I finally knew where this breathtaking view is taken, after seeing it on the leaflets or brochures. I'll surely blaze Keruing trail again.

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