Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A flag for dad 26 November 2010

En's welcome home craft for dad who was away for a business trip. :)

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Jack Ng said...

The first thing when En got to know that I am going NZ for business, she immediately asked Shannon if she can go with me. Bless her soul. She love to travel. Sometimes, I would bring the family along went I am off to Singapore or Penang or HK for business meetings, so she got use to it.

When I told her that she can;t go, she was disappointed and it was heart wrenching. I had to let her know about our limited financial capabilities. She took it in stride.

And when I returned, she made and gave a NZ flag to me as a surprise. Of course, me being a product of our public school, I got to check if the flag is correctly made (albeit secretly). I checked out the number of stars and the position of stripes and they are right on the money. Now, that's what i call "research"!!