Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tanjung Sepat & Bagan Lalang (where Sepang Gold Coast is) 11 December 2010

Saturday 815am
Tanjung Sepat, a small town and yet, fill with informative & educational excursions. 
Direction - Kesas Highway towards Klang. Exit at Klang. Turn left to Banting. You will pass by Teluk Panglima Garang, Jenjarom, Banting,Tlk Datok, Tongkah, Pantai Morib, Tanjung Layang, Batu Laut, Tanjung Sepat, Bagan Lalang.

Follow Morib signages and you will arrive at Tanjung Sepat. At Tanjung Sepat, go straight till you see police station on your right, turn right before it. (Jalan Barat)
Go straight (Jalan Barat) till T junction. Turn right and look for Gano Farm signage, to turn left. Visit the Vita Agrotech mushroom and lingzhi farm. The courteous and hospitable worker is ready to explain and  answer to queries. There is a store which sells mushroom and lingzhi products as well. Lot 700 Jalan Laut Membiru Taman Pelangi. 03- 3197 5600. Do take a free Tanjung Sepat map from the store and all the places of interest are listed on the map.   


Monkey head mushroom is harvested once every 6 months, with medicinal properties of anti cancer, anti ulcer, anti inflammation, improving muscle/motor response.. etc etc. but eeyakk, it doesn't taste good. 
They sell this poster of 'edible mushroom' for RM6. Shall I buy? Shall I not?

Follow the map to Hai Yew Heng Pao, at Jalan Pasar, Lorong 4(which is the first left turn from police station) to buy unbleached & no peservatives pao. It's selling like hot cakes. Business hour 1pm-6pm. Weekends & PH - from 10am. If you wish to buy and bring back home, you can order beforehand. Contact 012 272 9009. The steamed pao can lasts for 2-3days in the fridge or 2-3 weeks in the freezer. Steam for 5 minutes.

You can also opt to eat the pao at the coffee shop opposite, with a cup of coffee.

The 12 years old boy, mending the 'pao' shaping machine where the dough is fed from the top.

Flatten the pao with hand. This lady is extremely patient and kind enough to let the kids lingered around, watching the whole process from the dough to a ready steamed pao. She offered En a day's work with a pay of 3 steamed pao and a glass of Milo with ice.  

Putting the filling. Red bean, the only type I take.

stamping the red bean pao for easy identification. Right- sponge soaked in red food colouring & the stamp. 

Delicious. I tried both the red bean and kaya. GREAT. very authentic. fresh and tasty.

A row behind Hai Yew Heng pao, is Joo Fa trading, where you can see how the coffee bean is processed. There is a coffee tree at the back yard. The owner is a man who is so passionate about coffee and more than happy to share his knowledge. 356 Lorong 5 Jalan Pasar 012 972 2886.

Coffee fruit and its bean. There are more than one seed in a fruit.

Oohh lala the smell of roasted coffee. bye bye sleepy head.

The tools and wood used to roast the coffee beans.

Sun dried coffee beans.

Along the lanes, there are so much vegetables plantation and fruit trees.  

The moment En saw the sand, she jumped right down from the lover bridge(that's the bridge's name) and hopped freely about. :)

Fishermen boats parked at the end of the lover bridge. Some tan looking children, scooping cockle. They said 'lokam' when I asked what they were doing.

At the fish ball factory.  To go there, head back to Jalan Barat, and turn right to the direction of Bagan Lalang. Look for Tanjung Sepat Market on your left side and turn left and immediate right. Take the first left turn. Then, right again. Fish ball factory in on your right, located in a shop lot. 019 278 5521.  

Fish ball machine-maker.

wrapping an ear-shaped fish paste with thin fish skin. bring an ice box if you wish to buy some home or purchase the box at RM2.

At Arowana Tapioca factory. There were two women peeling tapioca skin and after which, it 's fed into this machine where it will slice it.  Drive towards to Bagan Lalang from Tanjung Sepat and watch out for Arowana signage on the left, to turn left. Drive straight towards the end of road. 019 345 5777

Fried tapioca is spinned in this basket to alleviate the oil. The oil used for frying, is changed daily.

Weighing and packing area.

Bagan Lalang beach where the Sepang Gold Coast is. The sand is exactly like in Gold Coast, Coolangatta, soft white sand. The difference would be some area at Bagan Lalang is grassy and there is no big waves for surfers. It is breezy at Bagan Lalang and great for flying kites.

The water is much cleaner than in PD.

The grassy area with shady trees where picnickers frolic.

We returned to Bagan Lalang for dinner before heading home. Ocen Seafood restaurant was chosen instead of Baywatch (which is more famous) because of its location which is next to the lover bridge where we could catch sunsetting.

To arrive at Bagan Lalang beach, follow Sepang Gold Coast or Golden Palm Tree Resort signage. You will pass by Hotel Sri Malaysia before you arrive the beach. 

I didn't see any changing toilet at the beach, but according to a friend who has been there, she said ' There is a public toilet that charges RM1.20 per entry'. EnHui enjoyed the beach and we will certainly make another trip in future.

There are other fruit farms(longan, dragon fruit, pulasan and durian) and a bird nest ecology park that we didn't have ample time to stop by.


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