Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sound, Music & Science Workshop @PSN 29November 2010

This 'sensei' seem to have an affirnity with Hui. Hui followed her cue and played along. 

These are the two DIY musical instrument made at the workshop. The paper cup created a clucking sound when pulled, which made the kids burst into fits of laughter. The other tiny piece of straw which was cut diagonally at one end, from both side, acted as a whistle when you blow into it.

The best thing was the animation studio, where En witnessed the animation of my recordded voice in the Garfield movie by using an animation software. She has been asking me about this for a long time.

Hui joined the colouring group where it's not En's cup of tea.
Right- Hui tried on the computer puzzle-games. Lately, she has retired from the jigsaw puzzles at home.

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