Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puzzle Craze - Sequel 27 October 2010

Wednesday am
She assembled the 48 pieces set without help, which she started 2 days ago.

Another two new sets she assembled on her own.
She joyfully showed me her work. What amazed me was, she recalled the exact location when she picks up the jigsaw pieces and know the description as well. Right - example, she said 'this is the father bear's ear and it's here. (the tiny ear on the right side of the jigsaw piece).
Young children displays amazing photo-memory ability, a right brain memory that allows us to remember things in a flash.


Jack Ng said...

When Hui finish a puzzle the other day, she wore an Ao Yai, and exclaimed a-la Michael Jackson with a posed and her index finger pointing upwards, and exclaimed, "Yayyyy, I finish the puzzle". The whole scene was really hilarious, imagine a short little girl does that in an Ao Yai!!!

I was like, where did that come from?

By the way, is not the feat that counts. Is the way she attempt it, that is most admirable. Her own way, her own speed, and her willingness and how she ask for help when she is stumped with a particular piece.

Bryan Koh said...

So adorable.

Jack Ng said...

Thanks, Bryan. A lot of people say that to me.