Thursday, October 28, 2010

KL Bird Park 23 October 2010

Saturday 930am
It was a splendid morning at bird park. Birds everywhere and a great company. Magnificent trip indeed. 
Left- I can't take my eyes away from these birds, modest and yet dazzling. Right- remember to carry enough 50cent coins to feed fish/bird food vending machines that are all over the place.

At the 'World of Parrots'. These birds were starving and barged at you the moment you hold the food. :) Right - En uttered "come on, come on - offering her hand as a perch". With no food, the birds kept still.

En's wish to have a chick at home. She was the happiest girl there!

Left- Feeing ostrich. Right- Little Hui followed her sister's footstep and wanna showed she could hold a chick too. What caught her attention most was the birds photo-taking area. You pay a fee and get your photo taken with all sort of birds, perching at your shoulder, arms and thigh.
In the car, Hui drew this picture. She told me "It's dad taking picture with the birds"

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Jack Ng said...

I wished I had a binoculars with me. And my knowledge of the birds are near to zero, except for one or two.

I find it hard for me to contribute anything on EnHui's knowledge with respect to animal. I am so inept in this area.

But seeing them feeding the animals, playing with the animals, holding the chicks gave me some hope that at least, they are not afraid.