Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crystal House at Sg Lembing 15 October 2010

Friday 12pm
Direction - From Sg Lembing museum, go straight. When there is a fork road, take the left one.
 It is opened by a former miner, Mr. Lee at his own home. He charges a mere RM2 for adult and RM1 for child. It is such an educational visit on mining related information. Mr Lee will share his 23 years work experience unselfishly. Just ask him questions.

Left- Which one is tin? Right- Some of the crystal being displayed.

Left- a replica of a tin mining tunnels, dug by Mr Lee which took 4-5 months. Right - Mr. Lee, who wasn't wearing a shirt, which he claimed related to his mining job where the temperature was fiery hot. 

Left- Another replica - which took him a year to make. Right-a tool to drill a hole for dynamite insertion.

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Jack Ng said...

Mr. Lee is a gem, I found. He is an ex-miner, specializing in blasting rocks. We got a lot from him, he speaks Cantonese and also Mandarin. He is ever ready to share his vast experience in the mines and of course, we translated them to EnHui.

I asked tonnes of questions, he answered them all readily. Good guy.