Friday, October 22, 2010

Esplanade Tanjung Api, Kuantan 16 October 2010

We came here just to kill some time before dinner. A breezy esplanade where the river meets the sea. En carried my face towel and her notebook along. She found a spot, 'shoo' Hui away (who curiously checking what her sister was up to), laid the towel and drew.  Hui & Max, I didn't know what they talked about, looking at the man mining the sand.
En said "The best part of the day is, I drove a car on a real road". Dad and I chuckled upon hearing that. The road at the park indeed look like real with pedestrian walking, roundabout and road signages. RM4 for 2 rounds and a bunch of satisfied kids. *This place is located at a park nearby.

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Jack Ng said...

I had a class-one trip, with Sim, Rayhana, Sharidz, See Ming, and all our children.

I really appreciate your company and you for the great time Shannon and I had. And I think EnHui had a really jolly good time too.