Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extra ! Extra ! 15 October 2010

An article published on Sin Chew Jit Poh  regarding My Amazing Child Contest.  En is the first child from the left.

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Jack Ng said...

En went in and totally winged it. Is such a great experience for her and for us. She is so happy to have participated.

On hindsight, when we asked her what she would like to perform, she said wayang kulit, we thought it is impossible to do it in the middle of a bright mall concourse. We checked if she wanted to do something else, she was like...wayang kulit or nothing, in a gentle way of course. And we thought, there is no way she can participate.

Then her aunt YL made some arrangement with, Luisa, the organizer for the performance to be shot in a dark room and projected it to the audience outside. Luisa arranged it. Then, guess what, Luisa also has a thing with children where she put them very much at ease, it helped a bunch. And the rest is history.

You parents, we gave up quite easily, then along came her aunt picked up after us, and En get to experience all these.

It showed that how we all need a great network of relatives, friends, neighbors and even some kind strangers to support us and play a part in raising our children. Shannon and I are pretty lucky and grateful to have such great and generous people around us.

And by the way, it also showed, yet again, children knows what they want. The problem is most of the time, we are just too full of ourselves to notice it.