Sunday, October 24, 2010

Megakidz, Mid Valley 20 October 2010

Weekday fees RM22. Pretty pricey but it's worth the money when Enhui came with Hani, Arina, Aneesa, Ayman, Ayra and John. A whole lotsa fun with a group of kiddos. The terrific part was, mommy got a short break 'now and then'. YAY! I mentioned 'now and then' as the toddlers-aged kids would still call upon mommy. My mind came prepared with an uninterrupted getaway and was a bit upset when Hui called on me. Thankfully, I could instantly reset my mind to " interruption- allowed break" and things fell into place after that. 
 *Beware ! Parking at Mid Valley could be 'pain in the neck'. Avoid at all cost if there are events going on. Garden parking would be the best bet.   

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Chandrika Fern said...

I'd usually take the Komuter to Mid Valley... park the car at KTM Sg. Buloh... and the train goes straight to Mid Valley... u can park yours at KTM Kepong... :D